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Pursuant to the negative attention drawn by their web-based Faith Fighter, Italian designers at Molleindustria have opted to pull it from their site entirely.  Though it hit the net over a year ago, the satirical fighting game was catapulted onto the mainstream radar screen after UK news outlet Metro ran a story on it this past Sunday, citing calls from various religious organizations for its removal.

A representative of the Organization of Islamic Conference’s ‘Islamophobia Observatory’, upon learning of Faith Fighter and its premise, remarked that ‘the computer game [is] incendiary in its content and offensive to Muslims and Christians.’

In defense of their creation, a spokesman for Molleindustria rebutted that the game’s purpose as they had conceived of it was ‘to push gamers to reflect on how sacred representations are often used to fuel or justify conflicts between people’.

But in the wake of continued and unabated protest, the company ultimately decided to take Faith Fighter down altogether.

‘We knew that this was a risky operation and we acknowledge our failure as communicators.

‘Taking down the game from this website is a symbolic act: copies and documentation of Faith Fighter can be found all over the Internet.

‘Hopefully this will help people to make their [own] judgments by examining the actual work and not the sensationalist accounts spread by mass media.’

Because if 1930′s Europe has taught us anything, it’s that simply knuckling under is always a sure-fire way to discourage bullies.  However sincere (or not) the development team’s wish to make a genuine point with their game, that they’ve bowed to public pressure and voluntarily censored themselves would seem, at best, imprudent (I would say alarming).  Whether Faith Fighter is ‘offensive’ or not is flatly immaterial – their right to self-expression is, by my lights, of far greater consequence than the imagined ‘indignation’ claimed by a narrow and egregiously hypersensitive segment of the populace.

And most unsettling of all is the tacit encouragement that their concession provides for such groups as the OIC, reinforcing their misbegotten notion that they need only whine loudly and importunately enough to get their way.  Suitably unapologetic though their statement was, I would argue that the Molleindustria team has failed not to communicate, but to stand up for their rights.

Source: GamePolitics

  1. I would be interested to see the “tiers” in this fighting game :D

  2. LOL! Damnit, I was gonna say that.

    At least this game didn’t cause as much of a stir as that Columbine Massacre RPG.

  3. So, we are allowed to have a game that was found to be extremely offensive to Christians only, quite obviously, Bible Fight. Yet, when a game that has both Christians and Muslims involved, it becomes a problem? When Bible Fight was released on Kongregate, quite a number of people were offended, it wasn’t exactly pretty. Still though, Kongregate never did anything to respond to the users, in fact, they badged it right when it was uploaded. I’m glad this game was removed, still, Bible Fight disappoints me in every way.

  4. I just realized Ganesha would wreck shop in a fighting game. Check out his sweet arsenal –

  5. avatar hook

    mohammad vs jesus huh? are you idiot? jesus love mohammad cuz both of them prophet from god (jesus NOT a god), if you look after this you i’ll find jewish they like to do problems all over the world.

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  6. avatar Poe

    Censorship is icky.

    Though I think it’s understandable that a business would pull something that’s going to garner it negative attention after they’ve already received the spotlight.

    An independent developer should make a sequel.

  7. avatar God

    Hook, what kind of retarded propaganda are you eating for breakfast? People like you should be put to the torch.

    And the people behind this game should have stood by it, rather than capitulate to hypocritical religious organizations, who enjoy enforcing their beliefs on others.

  8. Inevitable.

    Whay can’t people just try and make a decent game with original characters anymore???!

    New IP, please.

    • avatar Nomfundo

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  9. avatar leo

    uhh how about the fact its just a game and WHO CARES? its funny how worked up people get over things that they can JUST IGNORE! if you cannot ignore it then you are a whiny little wuss. As long as noone physically harms you… you should have no right to do anything other than just change the channel/webpage and IGNORE IT YOU LAME MORONS!

  10. avatar Name (Required)

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  11. avatar Name (Required)

    You obviously are have NO idea about Christianity, and most likely a muslim who only knows muslim’s view of Christian faith. Most Christians find Jesus and Mohammad had TOTALLY different message.

    Given that, I think it’s a cool game!

  12. avatar J. Wade

    “Ass holes like you will burn in hell wow YEAH. So why don’t you take your atheist ass to San Francisco and Suck it deeply.”
    “You obviously are have NO idea about Christianity”

    Oh, the irony…

  13. avatar Curtis Takaichi

    wow… how did the creators not know this would gain a lot of negative reactions?

  14. avatar Name (Required)

    people who mad this are idiots

  15. avatar sigizz

    I had great time playing this game. Try to beat me at

  16. I played this when it first came out.

  17. avatar me

    this game is brilliant.u religious ppl r dicks, chill out its just a game lol

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