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Avatar ImageA DsiWare Rundown
By: | April 22nd, 2009
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DSi Ware is one of the advertised features of the 3rd generation DS – the DSi. DSi Ware are applications and games downloadable from the DSi store accessible by connecting your DSi to the internet via WLAN. Some of these applications are free and others cost DSi points, which are available for purchase from your local game store. Nintendo points can also be purchased and converted to DSi points (or Wii points).

Accessing the DSi store initially requires a system update which in itself takes a little while.

In fact the first time round it error messaged me.


In the meantime I found a bit more information about DSi ware on the net. You can view Nintendo’s press release regarding the DSi Store at It also gives a brief description of the DSi Ware that I don’t cover.

Three days later, the update finally worked fine. To my delight, I didn’t have to go through the rigmarole of registering because I was already part of the Nintendo Club. To my further delight, I discovered that you receive 1000 free Nintendo points.

On an advertising segment featured within various game shops, the DSi store appears to offer Dr. Mario. I was really looking forward to this but, unfortunately, it’s not yet happening for us.

Here’s what we have available:

Web browser – free
Paper Plane – 200 points
Pyoro – 200 points
AQUITE – 500 points
CODE – 500 points
WarioWare: Snapped! – 500 points

There’s a premium section (apparently will be 800 points each) but nothing is available there.

After investigating the DSi Ware available, delight slowly disintegrates into something like skepticism. Now although 1000 points is only $14.95 (“only” being in comparison to say Wii points and Xbox Live points), I’m starting to wonder why they bother. Once you’ve had your taste of what’s available, you’re not going to go out spending ANY money, regardless of how little, on more of the software.

I purchased the two 500 point games: AQUITE and CODE.

After a week of low playtime and mild obsession, I can honestly say that I won’t be missing out on anything if I never play either of them again. You can probably compare them to a well made internet flash game: addictive and pleasurable, however, easily forgotten and not at all fulfilling.


Even worse with AQUITE is the fact that it makes an attempt at being artsy by having minimalist (meaning low grade graphics) design and music affected by the player’s movment. Furthermore, it’s only fun in the early levels. In the higher levels, because it involves so many different positions and blocks and because it has time restrictions, it’s hard to maintain anything resembling strategy and you end up moving impulsively (or button bashing I guess) as time runs out. My best mate just looked over my shoulder and said “Please tell me that’s a mini game or just a section of something?”. Well, no, unfortunately that’s the entire game.

CODE is unique, it’s mild fun and I’ve never seen anything like it. That said, once you’ve finished all the levels and no one can beat your highest time (two hours game time for me), its entertainment value really wears off. Essentially all you’re doing is moving numbers around so columns and rows add up to 10. I have to say that during the time I was playing this game, I was interstate and unwell and my mind couldn’t handle TV. Given different circumstances, I don’t know if I would have played it for the two hours that I did. To add to that, if you don’t enjoy numbers as much as me you probably won’t even experience the aforementioned mild fun.

If you want something with all of these traits: addictive, pleasurable, easy to put down, minimalist, unique and fun… why not stick with good old Tetris?

(Or download Dr Mario instead. But wait.)

I should mention that the web browser is pretty good. It’s Opera so I’d place it at way better than the Nokia web browser and not as great as Safari for the iPhone. It navigates easily and it’s great on the wide screen.

I really did look at this with an open mind. I wanted to like the DSi Ware on offer. I was expecting nice rehashes of good old favourites and a few new things with some true entertainment value. I’m not sure what the go is with DSi store, or whether we will be seeing any new software soon but since developers have the region boundary issue to cross, I’m not sure how far off it will be.

  1. If they release the better GBA games on DSi Ware, they’ll sell like hotcakes. Plus, it would give me incentive to trade in my Lite for one.

  2. It’s a shame the WarioWare game is said to be slightly disappointing. I think that that game could have had incredible potential.

  3. Give me a GB virtual console or give me death!

  4. This whole mess seems like it’s not worth the price of a DSi entry at the moment.

    Nice write-up!

  5. avatar joy

    is DSi have internet??????????????????????

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