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Olly Moss started something fantastically original. He took the original Penguin Classic literature theme, and applied it to hit games. After the Something community got ahold of this, they went bonkers. The result? A myriad of classic gaming covers for you to go wild over. Hit the jump for more.

If these actually came out someday, I would easily buy some!

















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Source: Something Awful Be warned: Something Awful may be NSFW.

  1. avatar Gavinox

    I love this. Absolutely dynamite stuff! There’s so much creativity out there amongst the gameratii it never ceases to amaze me.

    My favourite is THE SIMS, REAL LIFE SIMULATOR.


  2. I love that one, and I’m fond of the Killer 7 one myself. The Something Awful community is a collective consciousness of some of the most hardcore gamers, and talented artists.

  3. Absolutely incredible. If Splinter Cell and Smash Bros. is fair game, I want to see Resident Evil.

  4. I dug through the article and found a few more gems. The Resident Evil one you requested, Tim, and the famous “What is a man?!” speech from Dracula in Symphony of the Night.

  5. Wow, those are all brilliant.

  6. I really like the Devil May Cry one. It kinda looks like a movie poster. Hmm…that makes me think.

  7. avatar Wow

    I’m glad I stumbled on these. Amazing…..

  8. avatar Left 4 Dead

    Is awesome

  9. avatar Road_Dirt

    Great work, love to see more sometime.

  10. avatar 7

    The killer 7 one was really cool.

  11. avatar AssultTank

    Stumbled here. Those are awesome.

  12. avatar Stumble

    To the creator of this article; I stumbled here. Looking at your site more, you have stuff like this every week. Registered.

  13. avatar Cary

    For some reason people are bitching this is from The article writer gives them credit twice, so I don’t understand the problem.

  14. avatar Garcian

    K7 one is sick

  15. avatar Stubb

    Stumbled. This is fantastic. I love the resident evil one!

  16. avatar Kyp

    Loved the Left 4 Dead one, the brown circle for Louis made me chuckle.
    Great job overall.

  17. avatar reborn

    Ugh, I suddenly have to play Shining In The Darkness!

  18. avatar Gloqwi

    I actually noticed the comparison from the Twelve Angry Men cover to the RE4 cover.

    Favorites are the DMC and Guitar Hero covers.

  19. avatar Kyon

    all of these are…well, full of win :)

  20. avatar rob

    stumbled with delight

  21. avatar 8

    I want to know what is an original title of an old game that looks like this.

  22. avatar Zach

    Lulz @ teh L4D one. brown dot. rofl.

  23. avatar Name (Required)

    Something Awful, the source of much internet awesomeness.

  24. avatar FISH

    Something Awful, the source of much internet awesomeness.

  25. avatar DUDE

    wow, some of those are better than the original box art.

  26. I just had to take another look at these this month: yep, still awesome!

  27. avatar fincan

    “Prince of Persia;An Arabian epic.” wow… that was really stupid. persia and arabia are two very different cultures (very). it is like “prince of italy; a norwegian epic”

  28. avatar joe shmo

    all of these are stupid

  29. avatar puttputt

    Fincan, don’t be too harsh there exist Arabian tales about Persian princes, Just like English Shakespeare wrote about Italian princes.

  30. avatar JohnJ1680

    Stumbled here, nice covers. Im glad im not the only one in the world who loved shining in the darkness. Good show

  31. avatar anon

    somethingawful did this too. Anyone see that?

  32. avatar t3rkoiz

    this is what they would look like if steam owned them

  33. avatar Dankdangles

    I can smell the old book smell as I speak.

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