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Anyone who has been to a Killzone forum would of noticed it has lit up with fan posts demanding why didn’t it get a perfect score, aka IGN AU 9.0, IGN 9.4 rating, or more curiously why is it rated below Resistance 2.. Well below we try to help answer those questions.

Before beginning we must point out that Killzone 2 is by no means a bad game, and a few of it’s problem are very petty but nonetheless it just has a few areas where it could be more polished.

We tried to keep this article spoiler free, so fear not.

The Weapons


The weapons, on an overall they are pretty unremarkable… I know this sounds petty, but outside of the Electro-gun all the guns are just stock standard weapons which have been used to death in other first person shooters.


The Flame thrower: sadly it looks like it wasn’t too high on the developers priority. What would be great would be if they could of teamed up with the Alone in Dark developers to get some realistic flame effects and patch the hell out of it.


The Rez beam: like the Flame Thrower the Rez beam looks really out of place in the Killzone 2. Why they let such an important weapon’s effect look so bad is beyond us. As you can probably see in the image above it’s a bad 2d graphic in a 3d world… somewhat reminiscent of the ye’old Quake 3 effects.

Overall Problems

The Ending, the game leads up to an awesome ending but sadly it lacks the bang that we were hoping for. I would go into more details except we’d probably be killed for letting any spoilers out.


The voice acting overall is pretty poor. Brian Cox does a stand up job as Emperor Visari, but the rest of the characters voice actors feel like they are doing a very forced job and seems almost like they phoned in the lines. Also it isn’t helped with the overabundance of curse words, which instead of coming across of a natural, they feel like they are just used for filler.

No Install! This is out second biggest beef. There are multiple times when the game has slowdown or has to spend time loading. If they could of taken the route of allowing installation, the load times could of been heavily reduced.


The biggest problem? No co-op. We pretty much knew from day one that their would be no co-op, but it still doesn’t make us feel any better. As you play through Killzone you’ll be thinking ‘DAMN this could be so much more awesome if I could play with a buddy; but sadly, you can’t. It would be fantastic if they released a patch that allowed co-op, but it seems doubtful.

With all that said Killzone 2 is still an awesome game, our full review for Killzone 2 will be up in the coming week.

*Edit this article is indeed a critique of the points raised in the IGN review and why it wasn’t rated perfect on IGN… Maybe I should reword the opening paragraph to make it more obvious.

  1. Although it won’t get 10s across the board, I can see why a few of these things might not get it a perfect score.

    It’s not a flame article, the poster said “With all that said Killzone 2 is still an awesome game”.