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By: | January 7th, 2009


Ok, so has your wife or mom ever complained about your gaming mess? Yelled at your for having the controller on the coffee table? Well Target might just have the answer to your problems. I know it sounds slightly crazy, but while shopping with the wife today we ran across a must have for us. The Gaming Ottoman.


So I’ve been a gamer for years and along with that comes a mess of games, controllers, cords, drum sticks, guitars, racing wheels, etc. I would normally stack my games on my subwoofer which sits next to our TV and then the controllers in front of their respective system. While my system worked it wasn’t the most appeasing to my wife. My wife loves cleanliness and organization. Well games stacked up and controllers on the floor just wasn’t doing it for her.

So while at Target today we found an associate unloading these “Gaming Ottomans” on to clearance racks. Upon examination, the idea is something I could have seen my wife coming up with. It’s simplicity makes it a great idea.


The Gaming ottoman is a cube shaped ottoman with a hollowed out center. Inside they have placed 2 levels of storage. The bottom level consists of a tray that allows you to place all your games. Ok maybe not all of your games. 28 games can fit on the bottom. Not a bad amount for a casual gamer or even a gamer who trades in old games, like myself. Along with those 28 games there is room for 2 more on top, possibly your 2 favorites or 2 most recent games.

The top section also has room for controllers. Amazingly enough there is a spot for Wii controllers. The Wii hype has spilled over some more. I was able to get 2 Xbox 360 controllers, 2 Playstation 3 controllers, 4 Wii remotes, and 2 nunchucks on there easily. My other 2 nunchucks lay in the corners. There is also a place for headsets in the middle. I utilized this space for my Xbox headset, PS3 headset, and Rock Band dongles.


So now hopefully you have a understanding of whats going on inside this ottoman. Let me give you my honest opinion.  This thing is great for organization. I had more then 30 games, so we found some old ones to get rid off. It was sad but hey I wasn’t going to play them any ways… might as well get some trade in value from them right? Playstation 3 games come in cases that aren’t as long as 360 and Wii ones obviously, but surprisingly enough they fit very well.

So for the bottom part of it- GREAT! AMAZING! EXCELLENT! But then again how do you mess up game slots? Now let me get to the top part. First off they did a great job allowing for controllers of all systems to fit. The Wii remotes fit snuggly standing up. The nunchucks….not so much. The odd shape doesn’t allow for them to stay tightly. But it does hold them. As for the PS3 and 360 controllers, they fit perfectly and look good in there spots. The center is good for small accessories, but does look slightly cluttered when stuffs in it. Atleast the clutter is inside and not on the outside.


There are a few downsides. The cost may be more than some want to pay. I found mine on clearance but on the Target website they are charging the full 60 dollars. Maybe you can get lucky and find it near you for only 41 dollars like I did. Also the colors are limited- VERY limited. You can choose red or dark brown. The suede material is nice and the top is comfortable as a seat. My biggest problem is the slight smell of the material its made from. It has slight smell, however I feel it will go away with time. There is very little room to put much else in there. I tried to place drumsticks in there from Rock Band, but had no luck.

So overall, for the cost of one game you can have a place to hide everything else in your gaming collection. Those of you with wives or mothers that don’t like the mess could easily find the benefits of something like this. But then you have to ponder the question- is this worth giving up a game? For 40 dollars, its a no brainer- buy this. For 60, it becomes alittle more tough.  For those of you interested, the Gaming Ottoman is available at Target stores and online.

This is a solid 8.5 out of 10.

  1. damn it, something else I have to buy now

  2. Looks like it’ll keep my pizza warm.

  3. avatar Britta

    You should turn the Bottom tray over and take a look. There’s an Easter egg!

  4. avatar Melissa

    I want one so badly. I can’t believe Target has already discontinued it!

  5. avatar Carrie

    I am trying to get one of these for my husband desperately, as the target in our area sold out of them while we were on our honeymoon… if anyone hears of someone wanting to sell theirs please let me know by posting on this page! THANKS!

  6. avatar Tee

    They sell them at Toys R Us now. It’s in the big toy book.

  7. avatar Arwen

    Does anyone know where you can find a gaming tower for the ps3 that looks similar to the gaming towers they came out with for the xbox360 and the Wii. Caause those look sweet!

  8. avatar Info

    Look for a RockBand ottoman coming soon. It should fit your full drum set as well as guitars, games and controllers. Also PS3 towers as well as black xbox 360 and wii towers are on the way.

  9. avatar RSanger sells a double ottoman that holds guitars too….

  10. avatar webneophyte

    Out of stock most places, but we managed to get a double gaming ottoman for the guitar hero set. Wonderful! Costco store had it for $90; Walmart online for $130. Looks great, but holds limited games (16). Fine for us – we’re new to Wii. Too bad the nunchucks don’t fit well. Dec 24, 09.

  11. avatar Whitney

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