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Avatar ImageNintendo Wii – 2 Years Later
By: | December 2nd, 2008
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November 19, 2006- The day North America finally got the eagerly anticipated Nintendo Wii. 2 years later we take a look at where the Wii is going and what it has done to get here. The Wii launched to huge success. The world was ready for gaming to be casual again and that’s exactly what the Wii delivered. It gave people of all ages the ability to quickly jump in to a game with its simplistic motion controller. All across the world, people young and old felt the ease of playing the Wii. Wii Sports delivered an easy and fun gaming experience for even the least experienced person. The Wii was the gift to get for Christmas of 2006 and 2007.

After 2 years the Wii has a HUGE line up of games. Don’t let that fool you though, there are very few truly good games. The Wii delivered a cheap medium for people go get in to gaming. With the cost of a new Wii game 10 dollars less than it’s counterparts the PS3 and Xbox 360, and a launch price of $250, the system was the most affordable new gaming experience on the market. Well with that came developers ready to put just about anything out there on the market, and pass it as a playable game. The market of Wii games has become polluted with games that just don’t deliver, many of which can easily be found in clearance bins at most stores.

But the Wii has delivered some great titles. Super Mario Galaxy is one of the greatest games of this generation on any console. The game utilizes all the features of the motion controllers with out stressing out the users with awkward movements or movements that don’t fully function. The Legend of Zelda and Excite Truck are also additions to your Wii collection. With as many sub par games as there are available on the Wii, doing some research is a good idea.

The Wii has also brought with it’s motion controls a whole new line up of peripherals. Every thing from the Wii balance board to a fishing lure. There are just about as many add-ons for the system or controller as there are games for the system. Many of these are simply nothing more than shaped pieces of plastic form fitted to your controller, and truly a waste of money. There are some that are worth your interest though. The Wii balance board comes with Wii fit which when used in tandem with the controllers can identify a persons body positioning allowing for a whole new gaming experience. The Wii also has the plastic guitars and drums for the much loved games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

The Virtual Console is a great addition to the Wii, allowing gamers past and present to enjoy classics from consoles past. With the constantly updating library, there’s surely that one game you remember as a kid that you can’t wait to test again. But beware not all fond memories reproduce great experiences. Along with classics Nintendo is continuously updating VC with new small downloadable games to enjoy for a fraction of the price of a new game. Watch this area of the Wii grow, as rumors have a hard drive for the Wii floating around the internet.

With the Wii’s huge success thus far where can we expect Nintendo to take the Wii? In all honesty, the Wii has endless opportunities. The controller can act like anything the imagination can come up with. We’ve seen it used as a sword, lightsaber, bat, and a spatula, amongst others, so there is no telling where else we can see it going. Nintendo shocked the globe when they told us what to expect for the Wii, so how knows what other shocking developments we can expect. Expect the Wii board to be more used as it is in the new skateboarding game “Skate It”. Knowing Nintendo, there are surely a few more peripherals on the horizon. And expect Nintendo to be the publisher of the systems best games. With Gamecube classics like Mario Tennis making their way to the Wii with newly added motion controls expect Nintendo to continue to cash in on the success of the Wii. For hardcore gamers looking for a challenge on the Wii, dabble in some of the bargain bin games. Beating some of those with their impossible controls will leave you with a true sense of accomplishment.

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    gt5 id really fun and the grcpaihs make the game closer to reality then we have seen so far which of course makes it funner if gran turismo 5 looked like ps1 or some rehash it wouldnt have the surprising astonishing impat but only in turn would be fun for its features not the game itself .

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