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Avatar ImageLinger in Shadows “Review”
By: | December 19th, 2008


“Interactive Art” is what the creators of Linger in Shadows label this experience as and never before has a term been applied better than in this case.  Linger in Shadows has minimal gameplay,  no story, or length for that matter.  It is a six minute long movie with certain pauses for puzzles.  The puzzles are not that long and always end in an explosion followed by the next section of the movie.  The first one of these really surprised me because I didn’t know what I did, the screen just exploded and moved on.  The “game” is very unique and anyone interested in art (which if you play videogames you should be) should really check this out. Especially for the price there is no excuse to not give this a shot.

The graphics, and largely the art style, are the best things about this (since it is an art game, duh).  Just watching the movie play from start to finish is actually the coolest thing to do.  The game bits are cool the first time through but just get in the way of admiring the art in repeated viewings.  I do have to give a little bit of credit to the puzzles because they involve using the controller in some interesting way with the sixaxis.  They are also just hard enough to make you think (well one at least) without getting in the way of enjoying the art. There are certain sections in the movie where if you pause it and move the controller some way, usually with the sixaxis, some things will turn or move around the environment and you can even use this way of doing things to make it look more visually appealing in certain places.


The camera follows a sweeping narrative that is not describable, I tried…not possible. They pretty much just picked things to put in the short film they thought would look interesting in this art style. There is a dog, cat, panda statue, black mass of who knows what, and a cool tentacle squid thing. The hair on the animals is unbelievable. The whole point of this download is to look as cool as possible and it succeeds.

In the “game” they offer an explanation of what this kind of thing is. They call it a demoscene. Basically they just do what they can to make whatever you’re looking at and experiencing be as interesting as possible. Demoscenes are usually used to show off certain techniques in programming, animation, art, sound, and music, they can also be used to show off the power of a certain machine.


This piece of “Interactive Art” is 6 minutes 50 seconds long and in my opinion unique enough to warrant the $2.99 purchase, and for all you newly found trophy whores it even has 16 trophies to earn by finding secrets in the world. This is something worth coming back to from time to time purely for the eye-candy and definitely something everyone with a HDTV and an eye for artistic flair should check out.

  1. avatar Raz0r

    I played this and I have to says its pretty cool for art. WEIRD!!! but good review

  2. avatar AKO

    Just played this game. It has the worst graphics I’ve ever seen on the PS3 and I have absolutely NO IDEA how not a single review I’ve read of this gme mentions this.
    The actual art style is nice enough, and the painted world is quite engaging in a “what is going on” kind of way… but the graphical fidelity is as bad as, if not worse than WHAT YOU WOULD SEE ON A PS1 GAME.
    Seriously, playing this game reminded me of nothing more than the graphics in ICO.
    As an “art” game, I was at least expecting to be visually impressed. Apparently my expectations were misplaced…

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