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Not too long ago here at Gamer Limit, I was given the reigns to write 3 articles to act as a social experiment in a sense. There is no doubt in any ones mind that fanboys exist. I wrote 3 articles, all had similarities and can still be found here & here. While I firmly standby what was written, I wrote each in a manner to get the fanboys going. The following is a compilation of the results that were gathered based on those opinionated and not so opinionated people. There is nothing scientific about this story and all results are deemed unproven by any official means. The results are based off the number of “Hits” Gamer Limit received and the overwhelming outspoken comments given to each story. For this we will also tally comments from a popular gaming site, which compiles the top gaming stories from around the web, while also allowing users to comment on stories.

The first story was called ‘Which Fanboys are Right?‘. For those who read the article it was quite obvious that fanboys are both wrong and right. The basis of the story was the point that people have the right to defend things they hold dear / spend large amounts of money on. Spending 2-3 hundred dollars on a console is hard for some people, so purchasing 2 or 3 consoles can be extremely hard for some. So when people buy consoles, many only buy the one that they want more, which can lead to the fanboy being born. If you haven’t read the article, do so and please leave your comments, I gladly read them all. But back on track, the attention the stories received was overwhelming. While many readers left comments saying that they agreed with the article many other (rightfully) so had their own opinion and even some “fanboys” commented.

  1. James, you’re making it sound like Nintendo has no good games at all. Did you forget that “Super Mario Galaxy” on the Wii got better reviews than Halo 3, GOW/GOW2, MGS4, COD4/COD: WAW, Fable 2, Resistance 2 AND LBP???

Now David is you are reading this, I don’t know you personally, but this comment clearly got some comments brewing. For all I know you own all 3 consoles and delivered an unbiased comment. But quickly some one responded with…

  1. “Did you forget that “Super Mario Galaxy” on the Wii got better reviews than Halo 3, GOW/GOW2, MGS4, COD4/COD: WAW, Fable 2, Resistance 2 AND LBP???”

    and here it goes….

This goes on for several comments, and many points were proven but the basis of the article was missed when many started throwing mud. Feel free to see the rest of the mud slinging at the link provided above. All this led in to my next article, which while it only received 1/3 of the hits “Which Fanboys are Right?” did, it did start a whirl wind of mudslinging.

Tally of Opinions from Gamer Limit-

  • 10 comments were very relaxed and non-opinionated, easy to follow and un-fanboyish
  • 15 comments were either extremely aggressive or pro-fanboy

*Some comments tallied may have been deleted by moderation on either site.

On, many post were deleted by moderation but it can be seen how quickly opinions came out and tempers flared.

Before I go in to the next article I do want to let you, the readers, know that I do own all three consoles. My Wii sits there doing pretty much nothing between the big releases, but my PS3 and 360 are actively used. Both systems offer great features, and have alot in common. But both have their advantages. One easy way to identify a fanboy is to look for the people that won’t admit this. As for me, I do attempt to at all times keep a unbiased opinion because I do see the advantages and disadvantages of both. Moving on.

The next article struck a nerve, but not as well as I had hoped. The article Xbox 360 is More Hardcore delivered on my opinion that some ones willingness to pay for something shows their desire to want it more. While I’m not saying PS3 owners wouldn’t do that same, I am saying that some one willingly buying a system they know charges them to play online shows a great sense of “Hardcore” gamer. Also mentioned was the fact that Microsoft  didn’t force a new media player on anyone as Sony did with Blu-ray. Well there were some anti-360 fanboys out there and they came in droves.

  1. Things this guy forgot to mention
    -Red Ring
    -Live is unstable
    -It crashed last christmas
    -The “hardcore” 14 year olds in the live crowd sued Microsoft last christmas for sucky quality
    -Red Ring
    -Everyone there is a bunch of rude retards who think swearing and racism is cool.
    -Psn is faster in both downloading and matchmaking
    -Paying for a system and a game and then having to pay to play your game online is a bad idea.
    -Paying to have immature kids swear at you all day is a sucker’s bet.
    -Red Ring

    True enough both consoles are good but this fanboy article fails.

As with many of the people that commented I don’t know Itachi. But he quickly made it very obvious he disagreed.  People from all sides came and typed in how they felt. 360 fans seemingly felt vindicated, PS3 fans felt let down and multisystem owners were split. But when we looked at sites that displayed the story it became quite obvious that PS3 owners were upset. They did what they could to discredit the story and blamed the story’s fault as being written by a fanboy. But boy how the tides changed when you change one word in the title and re-write the article to please the other side.

Every comment pertaining to the story was seemingly written in a fanboy tone. Some started out as friendly conversation but quickly began to bash. As for which side of the fence they were one, it was pretty even, between PS3 and Xbox 360, as many were responding to each other. Results- 31 people tallied in there votes, with many commenting that hardcore lies in the gamer themselves not the system. Many others felt the story was wrong that nothing could be justified because it was purchased.

My next article literally blew us away at Gamer Limit. It had over twice as many hits as “Which Fanboys are Right?” and over 5x times as many hits as “Xbox 360 is More Hardcore”.  This article interested so many it was posted as part of the Playstation Converstation on the official Blog. It was simply amazing how many people were interested in the fact that the “PS3 is More Hardcore“. Posted the SAME day this story blew our minds. People from every where were commenting on this story. It was linked from many other sites and people from all over came to comment.  But this time the comments were more casual and down to Earth.  Most commenters didn’t bash the article. There were a few disagreements but the majority of the people agreed with the article left very good comments and were on there way.

  1. Wow, could you be a bigger fanboy?

    The PS3 is an excellent console, but so are the Xbox 360 and the Wii. The PS 1 and 2 both had issues, the PS2 issues caused a lawsuit to be filed before Sony took action, the PSP release had a massive problem with dead pixels. The PS3 also has reliability issues, although not as well published as the 360’s. Try doing an objective article if you want to be taken seriously.

Info from Gamer Limit, Most agreed that the PS3 was more hardcore and many felt they need to justify a purchase over the 360. Many brought up RROD, and reliability issues. Many people actually took considerable time to have their voice heard regarding the issue.

Info from, 140 Comments with many being “There is no hardcore system”, and a lot of mudslinging about consoles.

MY Conclusion

Now what does it all mean? Well it’s a very touchy subject but my results are PS3 owners defend their system more. Not only based on the huge number of hits but the comments of the stories themselves. The 360 article brought some vocal PS3 fans out to defend their beloved system, but the PS3 article had very few 360 fans. Not to say that any 360 owner doesn’t love their system, because I have met very few 360 owners say they were selling their console. I truly don’t believe any gamer loves their console more the than other (for single console owners). I think that PS3 fans feel they finally have some vindication since the PS3 was called a failure at launch. I also conclude that many single system owners don’t care to know too much about the other system unless they are looking to buy one.  Most single system owners are willing to step up to bat for their console no matter which one it is. The only thing is when they do it comes down to software. The ending argument is who has the better software. And in the end that’s not something to get angry about. For single system owners, you either get Gears or Resistance, but the truth is, they are both great games. You have Forza or Gran Turismo. You have the yin and yang of gaming. You can believe that Sony is going to try to respond to any 360 hit and vice versa, that’s the gaming world and that’s just simple business competition, but it’s nothing to get enraged about.

For every one who commented on any of the three articles, thank you for your input. I hope that no one feels betrayed or mislead by the articles. The fact is that we are all gamers. Whether we’re hardcore or recreational gamers, we still love to entertainment they bring us. So 360, PS3, and Wii owners, let go of the battle and enjoy the games. As this generation of gaming moves on we will see that the games make the console not the fans, not the sales, not the manufacturer. So enjoy Gears Resistance and Mario Galaxy, because that’s what justifies your console.

**The site we used to gather information based on how well the stories did is News4Gamers is a site that allows users to post news as they feel worthy. It goes off a voting based approval system, and stories generate heat based off of hits and comments. The top 3 stories of the last 24 hours are on top and you can easily scroll through the other stories of the day below. The site as a comment section for each story divided between the Gamer Zone (Non-fanboy comments that voice opinions worthy of the topic) and the Open Zone (an area where anything goes allowing people to voice there hostile opinions on a story). The site also has a forum and blogging section.

  1. Avatar Image Ian

    Great article Gerry!

  2. avatar Zoop

    Hahahaha we got played, good job.

    • avatar Rehab

      Easy: Nintendo is for the children. The 360 and PS3 are for the ******** geamrs, and for most kids 6-12, are just more machine and less intuitive than the Wii. I just don’t think there’s as much software geared towards younger kids on the 360 and PS3. Not only that, it’s more attractive to the casual gamer, the non ******** 30-plus-somethings that never got that deep into gaming and probably couldn’t handle a Fallout 3 sized quest. It may be a lamer market, definitely not as visually stunning (the Wii is basically a GameCube 1.5 with a revolutionary input device), but Nintendo does have some flagship games such as Galaxy and Kart that are not knockout, graphicwise, but certainly pretty in their own right and the gameplay is still top shelf. The Wii’s more than 2 years old now and still sells out in the stores and goes for retail prices even used with no price drops. I feel that Nintendo’s only mistake is letting horrible third-party developers like all the shovelware $19.99 games you see at Walgreen’s into the market. This has been the downfall to the Atari 2600 and original NES. It *is* definitely surprising that demand and prices still didn’t even drop in this past year and with the hardware showing it’s age.

  3. avatar Hershey

    Amazing article, I remember reading the comments on the article titled “Playstation 3 is More Hardcore” I believe it is true that ps3 owners are more defensive of their system. No matter where ps3 owners go you here 360 fans criticizing them. Again I want to say great article.

    I am a proud owner of a ps3 and 360.

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