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Welcome to Gamer Limit’s first weekly NitPik. In the weekly NitPik we take a game and literally nit pick any thing we don’t like about it. You may agree, you may disagree, feel free to let us know. Any game is fair game. We point out the flaws, the annoyances and those things that simply just don’t make sense. Dumb A.I., poor graphics, or lame gameplay, we break down the game and its on. So let’s get the first game in the ring and start this rumble.

This weeks inaugural game is a recent game, and a game I’ve spent a great amount of playing, Call of Duty WaW. You may remember our review of COD:WaW (Call Of Duty: World at War Review), where the game scored very well. Well now I’m ready to give some brutal shots to the game. So if you’re ready we’re going to dig in and NitPik the details of the game.

So where do we begin? Well first– Tanks!?!? REALLY!! Who thought tanks would be a good idea? Who logically woke up and said lets put tanks in this game. But let’s also make them nearly indestructible… OH YEAH. Then we will give people 2 bazookas that won’t destroy a tank, but instead give away their position. Man, tanks are a great idea. Oh then we’re going to add perks to these behemoth machines to make them even more powerful. Let’s just take a great game and throw in a wrench to piss of people who bought this game to play a first person shooter. Really come on, any 12 year old can get in a tank and get 5 kills before being destroyed. And once you got an Artillery strike ready you know two kills will give you…..

Dogs….So I can (kinda- not really) see that it take 3-5 rounds being needed with a rifle to kill a human opponent, but 3-5 rounds to kill a German Shepard half the size?!?! Oh now you’re just screwing with me right? So once you get past the fact that it takes half a magazine of ammo to kill a dog, then you realize that these things travel in groups of 2-3 if not more. BOY I hope you got extended magazines equipped… What’s that?? You don’t? Well SUCKS TO BE YOU!!!(Yeah I said that in a condescending tone…So what?) Don’t get me wrong, obviously they couldn’t have put in helicopters for a WWII game but dogs are the ultimate killers in COD. A good sniper can easily find a spot and get 7 kills and then let his dogs do the rest…trust me- I Know.

But there’s some thing that Cod 4 fans will notice even earlier. In Call of Duty 4, you had a wide variety good weapons….AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME. Not so much this time. The sub machine guns over power any other weapons from the start until you get some good guns. I understand both sides of it, but it really gives a huge deterrent to prestiging this time around. Hope you can pull a your trigger fast, because if you caught using your SVT-40 against a Thompson….you’re gunna need speed…AND A TON OF LUCK.

So speaking of sub machine guns vs. rifles, WHO balanced these weapons this time around?!?! If you are reading this…DID YOU DO ANY RESEARCH? Boy if these guns were exactly like they should be America would have been worthless using the M1 Garand. The M1 Garand is one of the finest rifles ever used in war. Well until you get in to COD:WaW. I mean how many bullets does it take with a .30-06?!?! Don’t get me wrong, a 30 odd 6 kicks like a mule, but boy that round has some punch. Well I guess Treyarch got the kick right, they just obliterated the punch. As the ranks go on it become obvious that higher ranks have an advantage with weapons like the STG-44, double barrel shotty and the always annoying death by flamethrower.

Grenades. How many times have you been involved in a battle of the grenade tossing? Well when you were in there did you ever see any Molotov cocktails? What? No?!?! But why? Oh that’s right because it’s a complete waste of time! Seriously with a death radius of…well you better directly hit them with it or else you wasted your time. And by wasting your time I’m referring to the cinematic time you spent lighting it with your always handy zippo lighter. I can’t really complain about the frag grenade, it flies far, it blows up big, it kills well. But that stupid sticky. In it’s description it clearly says “good for tanks”… Well if you believe this, I request you re-read the tanks paragraph above. I guess if you had 2 bazookas and a sticky you might almost do a little damage to them.

Snipers and their lovely rifles. Well love them or hate them, they will always be around. At least Treyarch did right with them and made you earn a scope on bolt actions. BUT WHO EVER HEARD of 2 hit bolt action rifles? I mean a point blank shot in the stomach of an enemy with a 7.62 caliber round (Mosin Nagant) will knock an enemy out of battle, well in real life, not so much here. For a legitimate chance of the one shot kill you better equip stopping power with your sniper… What’s that? You want camouflage? Well pick one… Choose wisely.

Graphically, on the surface, this looks alot like CoD4, until you take 2 seconds to look at the environment. This is the weekly NitPik, and that’s what I’m gunna do. Grass looks like ass, and is it necessary for it to move when someone crawl through it. That would be slightly realistic righ? But based on weapon balancing, that wasn’t too important. Faces look good in a sniper scope but boy don’t get up close… There is something I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and can’t nit pick about, and thats the gore. Watching a rifle mounted grenade completely destroy a enemies body is both hilarious and rewarding. Watching a grenade take off your leg- LOVELY!!

So you’re going for that ever difficult veteran single player campaign. Well it’s tough, but what makes it tougher? Infinite re-spawning enemies…. Yep, this gen still has dev’s that rely on the get to a certain point for an enemy to stop spawning. So when you shot that machine gunner, you better run so you can live past his reincarnation who is ready for revenge. But it’s ok, when you get to that magical point that gunner just dies…. LAME-O! But if you get past that, you better be ready for enemies that also spawn behind you, on top of you and in the woods next to you. And just one more thing to make it better….they scopes that seemingly find the heat from your characters body, through the woods hiding in that hut. Or maybe you’re just paranoid.

There’s no doubt that Call of Duty World at War is a great game, but it has fallen victim to a gamer who was ready to tear into those issues that are of concern. Call of Duty WaW isn’t perfect, just like no other game is. And to prove it you’ve got us here at Gamer Limit ready to NitPik! We enjoy you stopping by and look forward to you next week. And remember no game is perfect, and ANY game is fair game- Some high profile games are sure to come. We can’t wait to see you again.

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    Interesting new feature, I look forward to seeing more of these, or even writing a few

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