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Every developer wants to see their games title plastered on billboards, in T.V. commercials, and even on soda cans, but few do. But there definitely are some that do. Overhyped games don’t mean they are bad or destined for failure, it just means they simply have raised expectations from fans. Fans expect more from a game that they hear and see everywhere. When hyping a game, there are levels. Simple word of mouth can start a tremendous wave of hype. Word of mouth can potentially be the worst kind of hype. When it’s passed from this guy who knows that guy who trust the other guy, people believe it. But also there’s the simple 50 million dollars spent to do everything possible to get a game in to gamers dreams.

This list is a list of this generations most over hyped games, good or bad. This list is not all inclusive. There are simply too many games that get an extraordinary amount of hype that the list could go on forever. With the gaming industry continuing to grow, there bound to be parts 2, 3, 4, 627, 8094, and so on.

First on our list was a real disappointment for many Playstation 3 fans looking for a game to one up their 360 counterparts. Haze promised unique gameplay with an interesting take on drug use. The game was on magazine covers and hyped by websites all over the internet. Ties were made to it and Halo, for starting with
“H”, having 4 letters and a similar look. After several delays, the game was released. And 3 hours after release the game was declared dead on the shelves. A demo was release the week prior and pretty much shot the game in the foot. With graphics worse than the Gamecube, and with a very unlikable gameplay, the game sank faster than the Titantic on that cold winter night. Instantly PS3 fans hid in the shadows and 360 fans erupted with joy. Halo remained the sole four letter “H” shooter of any value. Thanks Haze for starting our list off as a dud.

Right now there’s a 360 fan some where grinning, but you should know that your time is coming. Next on the list is something just for you.  This game was originally slated for the original Playstation, then slide over to the Gamecube, as with possibly a few other random systems but managed to be released on the 360. By now you know Too Human has landed square on its face, err, our list. With years of hype building and a lead developer claiming this game was going to be better than any thing experienced before, gamers eagerly awaited its release. Well after a variety of mixed high and low reviews it was determined that while not a complete disaster the game was indeed too crappy too enjoy. With overly done death cinematics that you had to painfully endure and a gameplay that was anything but memorable, Too Human became just another game on store shelves.

Not every over hyped game is bad, and the next few on our list are shinning examples. Some times when great amounts of hype build up a great game great things happen. These next few games truly opened the eyes of gamers and became instant classics.

Every now and then a game comes around that simple shocks and amazes the gaming world. That game that brings back that classic level of enjoyment gaming used to have. Well this game has done it, and while it hasn’t become a commercial success, it’s a classic to those who have played it.  LittleBigPlanet brought back the classic platformer. Its fun to run through a level aiming for the goal line. But the greatness of this game is that every thing you need to create a level just like the games developers is at your finger tips. And better yet, all those user created levels can easily be shared. LittleBigPlanet was a different type of over hype though. It’s a game whose hype only resides in the gaming community, because for some strange reason Sony didn’t mass advertise for it. But rest assured there are plenty of PS3 fans that are hyping this way up there.

So where there’s a great overhyped PS3  game there’s surely a Xbox 360 one right? Sure is. This game was the most overhyped, over advertised, over EVERYTHING game the gaming community has ever seen. No matter where you went, there was something taunting you about this game. Mountain Dew even released a special blend of soda for it- Game Fuel (which sucked and didn’t help your gaming skill any). By now you have guessed it’s Halo 3. This massively successful shooter brought 9.5 million (and counting)  different gamers online to rage war with their Needler and battle rifles. Halo 3 is definitely one of the best games on the Xbox 360 and the high number of gamers still playing prove it.

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been the golden child of Rockstar. It’s their pride and glory as well as their claim to fame. Grand Theft Auto 4 promised to be the greatest of them all when Russian immigrant Niko Belic came to New York(ish). Well after getting rave reviews and outstanding sales the hyped died down and gamers realized this truly was a game based off hype. With nothing shockingly new and pop ins worse than ever the game did nothing to try to stand out. It can only be left to the imagination if re-reviewed would sites still give it such good marks? GTA4 just proved that never have friends bugged you soooo much.

Every year tons of football fans eagerly await the start of the new season, rooting for their team, whether its the pathetic Seahawks or the thriving Titans. Well every year gamers know that means they get another installment of the same game they bought the year before. The Madden series is the best selling sports game ever. The Madden series has “grown” larger than most series can only hope. Every year it’s hyped for having great new features, but the fact of the matter is- You’re paying 60 bucks for the same thing….

What’s more gay than 2 guys doing it back to back?  Well that was the basis for the hype around Army of Two. The game was a promising concept, a two man team there to deliver true mercenary power and destroy any enemy and complete any objective as long as the other had them from behind, or watch their back, one of the two. But after a massive delay to revamp the game, it came out to a stale audience. Basically it was meant to be the grand coop experience, but a fundamentally unsound combat system and too many gay jokes brought this overhyped long delayed game to its knees for a different reason.

The last game on the list (for now) quite possibly can claim being the best looking, best story, most memorable gameplay on any console. The story telling was great and truly captivates the gamers attention. This game was hyped by every gamer around the globe, regardless of your system of preference. From fanboys owning the confirmed exclusive platform to the opposite fanboys claiming it was going multiplatform. This game was the end of one of the most recognizable heroes in the gaming industry. Metal Gear Solid 4 came under attack for being to screen play’ish and less video game. With cutscenes that would last longer than the gameplay between them, people felt confused, but nonetheless it delivered a captivating story and is a definite must own for PS3 owners.

This generation as seen the largest growth of gamers than any other generation and with that there’s going to be more people eagerly ready to overhype games. Whether those games will be good or bad is yet to be seen but the fact is it happens. Hyping up games can severely put them at a disadvantage due to extremely heightened expectations, but those games that deliver go down as some of the greatest games of all time. So next time your thinking about hyping up a game, check to see if its going to surpass or let down. And remember gaming’s about the experience, so experience the game.

  1. I feel I have to disagree with you on Too Human, if anything it was hyped to be a terrible game, not a good one. MGS4 seemed to live up to the hype too me, I had never played any of the Metal Gear games pre 2008, and went through four just off finishing one through three, so I knew exactly what to expect. I also didn’t feel that Haze was hyped up at all, it was one of those games that looked interesting, then disappeared almost till its launch. Though I agree 100% on Halo and GTA4.

  2. Great article Gerry.

    But I have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to people complaining about how it’s less gameplay than story, the few hundred out there don’t count for the majority.

    No matter what anyone says MGS4 is one of the best games ever made story wise. And it should have not confused anyone since they explain everything. Also people were hyped up for this games story mostly, because Kojima makes the story the number one priority. So it was hyped and it came through, maybe a little game play but that gameplay was damn good.

    I thank him for making a game with more cinema and play gameplay, because the story was very engaging and emotional.

  3. Great topic for an article. Corporate generated hype is occurring too frequently today. There was a time when games were hyped after they were released and all the neighborhood kids new what to expect from playing it at the spoiled kids house. Now a large group of gamers make up their mind about a game before there is even any gameplay footage, let alone any first-hand experience with the gameplay. Trust me, the experience is much better if you ignore the blatant ads (tv commercials) and disguised ads (gamespot/ign coverage) and focus on the games as they are released and demos are available. Getting hyped about one or two releases a year is normal, but some gamers seem to become overtaken with everlasting hype of the industry on a week-to-week basis. I know because it happened to me for a while in high school and I had a lot of friends who were in the same boat.

  4. avatar Munkeh

    LBP a commercial failure? VGC has it at over 750k after 2-3 weeks. Give it a year and it will have sold over 2m. Not bad for a team of 20 who have only been working on it for about 2 1/2 years, compare that to the size of Bungie on Halo, or Rockstar on GTA IV. It’s dev costs are nothing in comparison

  5. avatar Munkeh

    However, I would mostly agree on the rest. I would not say that GTA IV’s pop up issues were worse than SA (I played on PS3) though the grittiness was more of a problem.
    Also, how come Halo avoids the flak, it’s single player has been heavily criticised by many, though in many ways its MP makes up for it.

  6. avatar WWII

    who exactly hyped Haze? because seriously, i don’t remember. for the time the game was coming was when ubisoft were making bad ports for the PS3 and when they canceled the the new “splinter cell” and made it exclusive for the X360.

    do yo know what happened when FFXIII went multiplat? well, something similar happened in that time to ubi and everybody started to hate them so bad.

    with this i conclude, who hyped haze? the media hyped haze, i think, because we didn’t.

  7. avatar Tom57

    Too Human was realy an overhyped game and i don’t understand the reason. From the trailers i had seen, before the game’s launch, i was sure that the game would suck, it was so obvious and i was wondering why nobody couldn’t see this. After playing the demo i was totaly sure that the game would be a dud.

  8. avatar David Macphail

    “Haze”, “Too Human” and “Halo 3″ i agree with, you could also add “Mirrors Edge” to that list.

    However “Grand Theft Auto: IV” and “Metal Gear Solid 4″ were near – perfect games. Yes they got hyped a lot but in the end they deserved it…..and more importantly, they lived up to it. To call those 2 games overhyped is like calling “The Legend Of Zelda: Occarina Of Time” overhyped.

  9. avatar David Macphail

    Also, “LittleBigPlanet” is in the same category as GTA: IV and MGS4.

  10. I agree with you David. 100%

  11. avatar Michael Jenkins

    Halo3 was a great game, call it hype all you want it sold 8.3 million copies. I don’t think Too Human was hyped at it, It had a normal release. The developer may have opened his mouth a bit before release and created a buzz, but the game wasn’t hyped. MSG4 was hyped big time and althought I think it was a great game, listening to the PS3 fans on various sites with their bragging on this title. I feel MSG4 was vastly overhyped. The comment on MSG4 also applies to LBP. I don’t feel haze was overhyped as much as it was just disappointing.

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