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Avatar ImageLeft 4 Dead Demo Impressions
By: | November 12th, 2008

Newly released on Xbox Live is the demo for the highly anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive “Left 4 Dead”. The game has been building a generous amount of buzz. Some due to the very vocal Valve staff and their firm position against the PS3 and its unique architecture. But other buzz is genuinely from sincere interest in the game. No matter what side you are on, Valve has made a huge success out of the Half Life series, and are definitely looking for the next hit series.

Left 4 Dead could be that series. The demo starts you out with an excellent cut scene that clearly shows off what you can expect from the graphics of the game. It has the very typical Valve game look, which is good. Certain character seem to have a halo-like effect surrounding their body in the right lighting but other than that the graphics are great and the game play is smooth. There are plenty of zombie games out there so Valve definitely needs something to help this stand out. Well teamwork is one of the things they used to help. Usually teammates in shooters are there but very little help, well not in Left 4 Dead. You can expect teammates to help you and a message will pop up to ensure you know they did. Teammates silhouettes can be seen through walls as a blue glow allowing you to know their location at all times.  Getting to far ahead of your team will have a deadly ending. There is a great amount of dependency on teammates without over doing it. Weapon selection is good. The demo has a shotgun, an assault rifle, a small automatic, and pistols (which can be dual wielded).  Each weapon has its perks and down falls.

In a zombie game you need a variance of zombies, and Valve recognizes that. Their are many shapes and sizes to the zombies, and some with unique abilities. They have a zombie which spits on you. This results on blurred vision and a horde of zombies flocking to you.  They have a zombie which can grab you with its tongue and pulls you in, at which point a teammate must shot them to save you. Another unique zombie is the Witch, when upset attacks in a extremely upsetting rage. All these zombies in the demo can lead us to believe there is more of this to expect in the final version.  The game even has cars equipped with alarms that when shot go off and attract the masses of zombies.

The demo is a shinning example of what a good zombie shooter should be and it’s a good teaser to build up hype. In only 2 short levels, you are in the heat of it and ready for more. This game is sure to be a fine treat for 360 and PC owners. Expect shiny results from this game and expect a solid review from Gamer Limit.

  1. Good game, except it’s not as engaging as I hoped.
    Perhaps with a higher difficulty it would be better.

  2. avatar RavenWolfx

    It does seem a bit easy, but with proper teamwork, it will be. I like that a head shot will put a zombie down without having to unload a clip into them.

  3. avatar Sky

    this game on expert isn’t easy. even if you have the proper teamwork, the random spawns screw your plans up, and you get unexpected encounters. this is a what i call a real co-op game.

  4. avatar Leathersoup

    Agree with Sky: This game is great to start out on Normal but if you choose either of the higher modes you’re in for a surprise. Plus the AI director detects whether or not you’re having an easy time of things and if you are it will throw more at you.

  5. avatar The Zombie Whisperer

    The director hates me, he sends like a billion tanks at me w/o advanced weapons

    • avatar Lilis

      It will be interesting to see how Greener’s game evoevls for the next season and into the next post season. For that matter it will be interesting to see how the entire teams play evoevls. Good on Green to make a much more level headed interview. The usual after action review never seems to have much in the way of revelation and serious introspective thought. Expectations were and are high for this team. But it’s ahead of schedule, and has nothing but promise with the seasons yet to play out. Green is and will be a part of that for some time to come, and I’ll be more than happy to cheer him on. He’s a fantastic player and a great guy off the ice.Keep up the post season chatter Vogs!

  6. avatar Lucas

    The game is very pretty. However something is missing to be perfect: character personalizations. Every character is the same, no one has special skills, attributes (example: the biker is not stronger more than the girl, the war veteran doesn’t use rifles better than the yuppie). And characters don’t grow and improve. If they add this, it would be a 100% game.

  7. avatar Benzema

    When I read that this morning, I reehcad the quote by the government advisor (Professor Neil Ferguson), and scrolled back to double-check the article wasn’t posted on April 1st.Btw, if you ever suspect a friend of being a zombie (the covert, nimble, intelligent kind touched upon in the article), just hand them an iPhone. Touch capacitive screens don’t respond to the fingers of the undead, so it seems the Jesus phone does have a useful function after all.(Also hi! I hope my using Technorati to find bloggers I haven’t heard of in half-a-decade ago doesn’t come across as a bit creepy. <_<)

  8. avatar Anonymous

    this game is cool

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