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This guide contains all the locations of the “Supermutant Behemoths” for the Xbox 360 achievement “The Bigger They Are…”.

1) GNR building, part of main quest where you meet Three dog in the second story mission

2) Capitol Building, go in the west entrance, and either follow the Talon mercs or just make your way in further, it’s in a giant circular room with a bunch of Talon mercs taking potshots at it.

3) Evergreen Mills- Outside, in this cage thing. Take it out quick, it can escape the cage. west of vault vault 112 you will see a little notch on your compass

4) Tahoma Park, Go towards the other Tahoma area (I can’t remember what it’s called… the Tahoma building) When you reach the building, there’ll be some Talon mercs there. You can kill them if you want, but don’t go inside the building. Instead, hang a left and loop back towards Takoma Park. The Behemoth is there with 2 super mutant brutes. Tahoma’s in the DC area, on the very right hand side.

5) West of Jury Street Metro- Head west, and look towards the sky. You’ll see a bunch of birds in the air. Head over there, there’s a bunch of crumpled up trains. Explore this until you see a little teddy bear trapped in a shopping cart cage. Open the shopping cart cage, take the teddy bear, and turn around. The super mutant should be barreling down the hill.

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Contributed by Sukiz

  1. avatar Snopes

    Psychics i swear! Thanks man i was looking for this.
    Video doesn’t seem to be working?

  2. Video is working fine. A lot of times the users connection isn’t good enough to upload it or you may need to clear your cache.

  3. Update: Sorry mate, the video no longer exists.

  4. avatar Connor

    this is all good but i have no idea how to get to the tahoma industrial…do i need to use a metro or something

  5. avatar Sukiz

    Yes Verona East i think..

  6. Sukiz you are correct mate.

  7. avatar Danilo

    Wow this is great man thank you. But could some1 please tell me where Tahoma Park or this Verona East is situated?

  8. avatar Danilo

    Whoops, think I found it; Verona East is near the National Guard Depot, then you follow the White Line into Tahoma Park.
    The Bigger They Are — the easier to hit ‘em with a Mini Nuke!

  9. Thanks pal. Your comments are welcomed.

  10. avatar DARK SNIPER 058

    im so glad i found this guide, the store bought one says the last one is in jury street tunnels, which made no sense to me because i know one couldn’t fit in the tunnels, but like my stupid self i spent two hours searching the tunnels FOR IT. LOL. THX ALOT REALLY. THIS GUIDE REALLY HELPED

  11. avatar chris

    thanks man this also works for the ps3

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