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Have you guys given Awesomenauts a try yet? What’d you think? I enjoyed it a lot. Well, there’s good news for those who don’t own a 360 and haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet. Awesomenauts will be out on Steam on August 1st.

The game also received a new patch a couple of days ago that added two new characters for free–Coco, who rides a hoverboard, and Derpl, a space slug with a combat walker. If you stopped playing, now might be a perfect time to get back into the fray. There’s no word on pricing, but because Awesomenauts costs $10 on PSN and XBLA, it’s probably a safe bet to say that it’ll cost the same on Steam.

It’s really hard to shop for a pair of inexpensive headphones. There’s so many of them out there, and between “gaming”, “non-gaming”, and “mobile-only” headphones, it’s tough to find something that’s fairly cheap that will suit your needs.

Thankfully, Turtle Beach let us test-drive the Earforce Z11 model , to give us a better feel for their cheaper PC headphone line.

While they have some minor issues, so long as you’re not looking for a top-end pair of PC headphones, you really can’t go wrong with the Z11 model. Read more… »

It’s been a while since we last had our hands on with RaiderZ. To be exact, it’s been one year, one month and 17 days. What has Maiet Entertainment and Perfect World been doing with it since then? They’ve been making it one of the sharpest looking, immersive MMORPGs of course.

Well, if you like what you see from the trailer above, you’d be glad to note that Gamer Limit is having a closed beta key giveaway. Massive cherry on top: one lucky gamer who registers for the closed beta will also nab an all-inclusive trip for two to PAX Prime next month.

We have a limited set of keys so pay attention to the details.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII

[Update: It seems as if Square-Enix has debunked this rumor. Let's hope that we see some new footage or screenshots sometime soon.]

Hope you’re ready for your daily serving of internet rumor stew, because today’s recipe is pretty juicy. Today Kotaku announced that they learned from several sources that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was officially cancelled.

But on the opposite end of the spectrum, other rumors have come to light that Square Enix will announce Final Fantasy XIII-3 or more Lightning-centric DLC during its Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event on September 1st.


Tony Hawk is back: and this time, he doesn’t have a hokey plastic peripheral to hock to us. Activision is going back to it’s roots with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, a current-gen amalgamation of the first two Tony Hawk games.

To be clear, this isn’t just simply a remake of the original two games. For better or for worse, this is a complete HD re-imagining from the ground up by Robomodo, the developer of the failed Tony Hawk Ride franchise, using the Unreal Engine 3. The real question is, does it stack up to the originals given the $15 asking price?


[I've played approximately 30 hours of The Secret World, which is about the entirety of the first major act of the game. More detailed impressions will follow as more content is explored/completed.]

The best way to succinctly describe The Secret World is that it’s a non-conventional, yet conventional modern day setting MMO that features zombies, and other demons/creatures of the night.

It does things many MMOs have done before, and it also does a few unique things that I hope MMOs learn from. But the real question is, is it worth your hard-earned cash right now? Read more… »

Steam Summer Sale 2012 - July 12 - July 22

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, then you can be excused for not knowing that Steam’s impending annual Summer Sale was on everybody’s mind. You can also be excused for not knowing that it officially started today and will last until July 22nd.

Like every year, individual games like Portal 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, and Legend of Grimrock, and numerous pack deals are being offered at ridiculous prices that test the impulse control of gamers everywhere.  Steam also has daily deals that are updated every eight hours and are voted into place by the community. I can hear gamers’ wallets crying out in pain from here. Mine is among them.

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Review: Spelunky (XBLA)
By: | July 12th, 2012

Spelunky is a game where death is permanent. Let me say that again — once you die, you start back at the beginning of the game. Death can come in all shapes and sizes — instant spike pit deaths, arrow traps, bat bites, piranha chomps, and Indiana Jones boulder splats.

Back in 2008, PC gamers could experience all this joy for free, but in 2012, Xbox Live has landed an HD remake with full multiplayer support, among many other extras. But are these upgrades worth the pricey $15 asking fee? Read more… »

Max Payne 3

While it’s true that Rockstar has closed its Vancouver studio, they are also expanding into a brand new facility in Oakville, Ontario for the Rockstar Toronto studio.The Vancouver staff is being given the option of transferring to the Toronto facility or to positions in other Rockstar studios.

The new Oakville facility is part of a deal with the Ontario government, though no specifics about how much the deal is worth were given. Jennifer Kolbe, VP of Publishing and Operations also revealed that Rockstar Toronto is planning on expanding even more: “We plan to add more than 50 new positions to our combined Canadian team.”

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Review: Fray
By: | July 5th, 2012

Online games sometimes get special treatment and forgiveness. Even after a title is officially released, we allow regular patches and updates that fine tune game mechanics and stability issues without a second look — a method of delivery which has bled over into console games (but that is another subject all together). Aren’t games that ship to the consumer supposed to be complete? Where does one draw the line?

As entertaining as it is, Fray, the latest online multiplayer squad tactic game from Brain Candy, can still be considered unfinished. Developer Brain Candy is hard at work constantly improving its product, rolling out substantial improvements, putting a big plus to its strengths, and eliminating its weaknesses.

Albeit, at the current moment, it faces a long road until it can really be called a complete experience.


Rhythm games used to be a dime a dozen. After Gitaroo Man, it felt like there was a new DDR iteration launching every other week, among many other prolific series such as Parappa the Rapper, and later, enough Guitar Hero and Rock Band games to fill a small landfill.

Recently however, the genre has really quieted down. The Guitar Hero series is on indefinite hold, and outside of a few minor titles, it’s fairly hard to get your groove on these days. Enter Theatrhythm Final Fantasy — a collection of music from Final Fantasy I all the way up to XIII that seeks to placate all the insatiable rhythm fans across the world.

It isn’t perfect, but if you’re a long time Final Fantasy fan, Theatrhythm is probably the best method in which too relive your nostalgia to date. Read more… »

Siliconera was able to chat with producer Ichiro Hazama regarding the history of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy , and it’s potential fate. Among some particularly neat tidbits (such as FFXIII-Versus DLC, when the game doesn’t even have a date yet), Hazama explains that since FFXIV is undergoing a major content update, music from it shouldn’t be included yet.

He also very proudly re-iterates that the game sold out in Japan, and hopes that it will be a staple Square-Enix franchise going forward. Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and Tomb Raider (!) are a few examples he cites as possible contiunations of the series.