Progressive Slots Jackpots have always been one of the most marketable aspects of playing online slots. It appeals to the most basic of human desires; one of which is greed and the other being hope. Needless to say, this type of jackpot is not easy to collect; but one must admit that progressives are guaranteed to instantly change the life of any extremely lucky online casino player who manages to win it.

What is a Progressive Slots Jackpot

A Progressive Slots Jackpot is a pool of cash which is increases every time anyone places a wager at a nominated online slot machine.

How Do Progressive Slot Jackpots Work

The online progressive slot game plays more or less the same a regular slot machine, with regards to the base game. However, in order to have any chance of winning the jackpot, the player needs to activate the bonus rounds of the slot game.

What usually happens is that instead of collecting on the normal bonus features like Free Spins; the player is then given the opportunity to win on a selection of jackpots, which all have various cash prizes.

Players will also need play at the maximum bet level in order to qualify for the biggest progressive jackpot.

The Chances of Winning a Progressive Slot Jackpot

Believe it or not, one has a better chance of winning the UK National Lottery than collecting the progressive jackpot on Megabucks.

In fact, statisticians have proven there is one in 45 million chance of matching the six balls and winning the National Lottery; as compared to a one in 50 million chance of hitting the Megabucks jackpot.

From a practical point of view, there is no difference when comparing these types of gigantic odds, but it does prove the point as to how difficult it is, from a mathematical perspective, to make your dreams come true!

However, this does take into account lady luck, which can substantially affect the odds; and according to one of the UK National Lottery’s popular slogans – ‘You have to be in it, to win it!’

Popular Progressive Slot Jackpots

One cannot have a discussion about Progressive Slot Jackpot games and not talk about Megabucks, which is one of the many progressive jackpot slot games developed and released by IGT (International Game Technology). The game has a minimum jackpot of $10 million and has been known to reach the dizzy heights of up to $39 million before being won.

In addition to IGT’s Megabucks, one can argue that the most popular progressive slot in the world is the Mega Moolah. This super progressive slot machine is only available online is part of the huge list of quality casino games released by Microgaming. It is worth bearing in mind that since being released in 2008, no other online progressive jackpot slot game has made so many millionaires.

Are Progressive Slot Jackpots Worth Playing

Anyone considering having a go at any Progressive Slot Jackpot machine will need to recognise these games are high variance. All this means is that payouts generally occur less often; however, when they do, the payouts are bigger.

The main factor to consider is how much one is willing to spend, and whether or not, one has the amount of spare cash that is required to play for any progressive jackpot; as maximum bets are commonly required to be eligible for the main prize.

If the player has the bank balance to play and afford the losses expected to be incurred, then a progressive jackpot slot game is perfect to add to the thrill and excitement of the experience, whilst having the real chance of collecting on a once-in-a-lifetime score.


Personally, I would always recommend giving it a go once in a while; especially, if one has had a big win and cash to spare. It is recommended to treat these progressive jackpot games like the national lottery, where chancing one’s luck ever so often is probably the best way to go.

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