Games have been part and parcel of our daily life since they were invented and played by our ancestors. If you want to quench your entertainment thirst, card games should be your perfect choice. China’s great grandfathers are the pioneers and masterminds of today’s card game, invented during the Tang dynasty. Perhaps, the original inventors of card game about a millennium ago never thought that game would be a major hit in the 21st century, taking various forms and popularity.

During the Second World War, many soldiers were spotted enjoying this game amid a terrifying and looming danger. While that was almost seven decades ago, currently, Google Trends has been carefully following card games’ popularity. To their astonishment, card game popularity is aggressively building its forces. And in many instances, card game popularity is way past what was expected. In this article, we will follow the top 10 card games and see how they are competing to charm folks!

  1. Baccarat 

Are you feeling overshadowed by luck? Run into a nearby or log in to your favorite casino and enjoy Baccarat because it is 100% luck, unlike other games where the gamers’ skills dictate the winning string! Baccarat has a special allure, and that is why it is one of the popular games with current popularity standing at 45%- a 4x increase from the past five years. By 2025, the game is expected to continue luring people, and its estimated popularity would be at 79%.  

2.Teen Patti 

Asians are not only good at calculation how stuff work, but also, Teen Patti is their playground where they lay all the days laden and rest in a cool casino while enjoying the game. This game originated in India, and it is popular in one of the heavily populated continents- Asia. While it majorly concentrates in Asian countries, compared to other parts of the world, its popularity at 63% from 35% five years ago is considerably powered by Asians and Indo-china citizens.


Stud poker comes in different variants, but the common ones are 5card and 7card stud games. This is one of the most complex card games that require skills and perseverance, especially the 7card type, which can take you up to a lifetime to master! At 95% popularity, the stud is prevalent, but with many complexities in learning how it’s played, Google Trend estimates that fewer people will be enjoying it in the next five years.


Everyone is an expert in playing blackjack because how the cards are shuffled doesn’t matter at all! And even learners can stake their fortune and win. With such good opportunities to earn money, blackjack’s popularity is slowly increasing at the rate of 5% every five years. In the next five years, its popularity is projected to be at 60%.

5.Pai Gow Poker 

While the Chinese are the forefathers of card games, Pai Gow Poker defines a cultural fusion between the Wild West and China. Today Pai Gow poker enjoys global popularity standing at 47% from 37% five years ago. 

6.3card poker 

3card poker is straight forward; bet on the dealer who has a queen and wins! Other rules are quite intricate to start explaining, but in general, this game is slowly losing its stake at the rate of 1% for every five years, and currently, its popularity is standing at 38%.


Omaha is an example of a card game whose fame is slowly disappearing, and in the next five years, its popularity will be at 24% from 35% currently. 

8.Let it Ride let 

Let it ride card game too is losing its stake, and in the past five years, its popularity stood at 51%, but now the game is fighting tooth and nail to regain its position without success. Hence its popularity is at 36%, and in the coming years, it will be losing at least 2.5% per annum!

9.Texas Holdem 

In the coming decades, only scattered groups of people will be struggling to keep Texas holdem’s falling glory alive, as proven by current statistics 35%, a more than 15% drop from 2015’s.

10.Joker wild 

To some extent, only a few people were impressed by joker wild because its popularity in the past five years has never crossed the 15% mark. And the way it came is the way it is disappearing, slowly into the wild!