By the late 70s’, at the brink of both impressive technological progress as well as the dangers of upcoming new worldwide conflicts, the print sector revived once again, seemingly prepared for the new ages ahead. It was by that time when classic and simple comic books have evolved into much more intricate and subversive series. From that moment on, Comic Books have constantly evolved, generating an entire subculture as well as their own private category in the print industry.

Despite the fact that nowadays the comic books industry has reached huge proportions, some of the current best-selling series out there date way back in the past. After a thorough research, it turns out that the 5 most successful graphic novels up to this point are cult classic series dating way back.

05.V for Vendetta

Spawned the dark corners of the mind of one of most acclaimed comic book writers ever, Alan Moore, and brilliantly portrayed by illustrator David Elliot, “V for Vendetta” left all readers perplex right from its first entry.
Set in a relatively near futuristic society, the novel depicts a world bent by a totalitarian government, which resembled current politics at that time a little bit too close. The main character, a mysterious masked vigilante code-named “V” will stop at no end to bring this entire system to the ground.

04. Transmetropolitan

Right from his debut, Warren Ellis managed to turn the comic books standards upside down. Illustrated by the talented Darick Robertson, his first graphic novel followed the twisted adventures of self-medicated rogue journalist Spider Jerusalem, on his mission to dismantle political corruption. A shady, unsettling character, Spider manages to foresee the decadent future of society. The age of consumerism and the pornography era, which were barely vague notions in those days, are some of the main character’s major obsessions.

03.The Dark Knight Returns

comic book series


Definitely one of Frank Miller’s most controversial and defying creations ever, “The Dark Knight Returns” was the first distinct approach and dissection of the cult classic DC superhero. Only known from the relatively calm animated cartoon series and the relatively funny TV Show up to that point, Batman truly unveils under Miller’s approach.
Stripped of all gadgets and technology and brought to a point where the entire world has turned against him, Batman will first have to fight himself and his own demons, in order to be able to exercise decisive judgment upon society’s worst nightmares. After Miller’s take on him, Batman quickly became one of the most acclaimed super hero characters. He’s also the only character on the list that still continues his adventures nowadays, through several animated cartoon series, a Hollywood Blockbuster franchise, and relatively rare comic book editions. He is even present in almost each Casinogames Club, having his own thematic slot.


Back when comic books were still considered taboo, Neil Gaiman managed to deliver one of the most creative and thought to provoke narratives ever. The novel focuses on Morpheus, a fantasy character that can master people’s dreams, also known as The Endless. Gaiman pushed readers along an intricate and always surprising sting of narratives, taking place in both the spiritual and physical world at the same time.


Written by Alan Moore and portrayed by Dave Gibbons, the 12-issue Watchmen series has to be one of the boldest and most brutal sagas up to that point. Set in an alternative reality, surprisingly similar to our current world at that time, Watchmen follows several intricate and entwined stories of several humans that have assumed super heroes assumed public super hero vigilante roles acting as a modern day militia. When they are forced-retired and a military conflict between the US and the URSS appears to be imminent, each of them will have to overcome his inner frustrations and sacrifice everything for the greater good.

These titles, among several other memorable mentions, continue to be the most impressive and acclaimed series in the comic books industry. Apart from revolutionary graphic portrayals, each of them will make even modern readers identify some of the most outrageous scenarios depicted as mere metaphors for modern day society standards, leaving everybody in a state of wonder and personal reassessment.