While it is conceivably possible for anyone to be consistently successful putting wagers on sports, realistically your chances of doing so are reduced if you don’t actually enjoy sports as a fan. This is because you will always be trying to catch-up with crucial information that you need to make good bets that a fan is liable to already know due to their interest in it. Thus it makes sense to pick another type of gambling – for example playing slot machines at a casino online – if you find sports boring in general. If you are a sports fan, you should back up this interest by making sure you get the best possible odds on any bets you place.


The best way of doing this is to have accounts with all of the main bookies sites, as this enables you to do odds comparisons between them before deciding which one to bet with. Another tip to consider is that you shouldn’t always bet on the hot favourites, because the odds don’t always reflect the likely outcome and the outsider team or player usually has better odds from a betting perspective. If your gut is telling you that the favourites aren’t as strong as the odds suggest, don’t be afraid to trust that instinct. Finally, make sure you remain within an affordable budget with your betting, resisting any urge to bet higher amounts during times when you are losing or winning.


To be fair, that last pointer is just as relevant if you are playing something like the slot machines or a game like roulette or blackjack at either an online or mobile casino. Anyone gaming needs to be aware of how to do so in a responsible manner, although the risks are definitely lower if you choose to play one of the slot games themed around sports – simply because the amounts you will actually be wagering are much smaller. This makes them ideal gaming entertainment for the evening if you do not have the finances of a high roller – although with the jackpot on offer with some, you may have by the end of the night.