Whilst there’s loads of advanced strategy for online poker, there are also some very practical and basic things you can do to win too. You don’t have to dedicate hundreds of hours to reading books or getting coached to beat some of the lower stake games. In this article we’re going to offer three ways you can win at poker in 2021 and beyond. If you follow these tips, you will have a good shot anyway.

1) Isolate bad players 

This is something all the best poker players do on any table. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cash game player or prefer tournaments, isolating inferior opponents is a must to achieving a high poker win rate.

Firstly, you need to identify a “bad player”. These are those players who limp in regularly i.e., just flat call. They can also be identified by the fact they play far too many hands. The majority of bad players are passive but you will find some that are aggressive. Isolating them alone may mean raising pre-flop to get the pot one on one or re-raising them (3bet) to thin out the field. Once you have them heads up you have the aggression and only one person to beat post-flop to win the pot. 

2) Play on soft sites

There’s plenty of games available online meaning you don’t have to play on only one or two major sites. I highly recommend you read reviews and play on softer poker sites. Every site has its pros and cons but if you are ok with quirky software and no HUDs, the less popular (but softer) poker sites will be up your street.

The poker sites I am referring to are typically sports book orientated. They offer poker as a secondary function on their site which brings in plenty of inexperienced players who lack fundamentals. It doesn’t take high level strategy to beat them. A solid tight aggressive style is sufficient to beat these players regularly.

3) Stick to weekends

Finally, an easy way to win at poker is to play when the worst players play i.e. weekends. It’s common sense that weekends are notorious for easier games. After all, this is the time most recreational players are playing. They’ve finished their working week and want to let off some steam playing poker no their laptop or mobile

Conversely, weekday games are more likely to be filled with grinders and pros. Sure, they play weekends too but they are putting in long hours multi-tabling every week. They are found in games NL $100 and above and are pretty easy to detect.


This article is for those of you that are intermediate or an average poker player. If you are a newbie, you should stick to freerolls and low stakes games and if you’re an expert you should know these tips already. If you isolate the fishes, play on soft poker sites and set time aside to paly on weekends, you should be a winning player. Naturally, you need to play solidly and be sensible with your bankroll but the key to winning is playing with inferior opponents – it’s that simple.