Technology has changed the way we play games beyond recognition. Just a few years ago, the concept of using the smartphone to play your favorite games anytime seemed like a fairy tale or science-fiction. 

Due to easy internet access to the masses, the gaming industry has come a long way in the last couple of years. All over the globe, millions of gaming enthusiasts are devoting countless hours playing games. The developers and hosting platforms are making the best of their efforts to attract maximum game lovers by providing them thrilling, exciting, and action-packed multi-device compatible games to play.

Here are some groundbreaking trends with the potential of changing the gaming industry for the better- 

  • AIs with facial recognition feature

This innovative feature of AI games allows players to create their own digital ‘avatars’. The technological advancements have made AIs really good at analyzing a gamer’s face. You can use filters to create a detailed cartoon figure of yourself to represent you in the game. Moreover, many games provide users the option to operate the controls using their head, face, and hand gestures. They provide players an added level of comfort and belongingness as the system can recognize them and keep a record of the levels of the game they have already completed.

  • Opponent’s behavior trackers

For professional players, there is a variety of tools and software that can help them analyze their fellow players’ behavior, have an idea about their potential moves, and find ways to stay ahead of the competition. These software can assist you in reading your opponent’s intentions by evaluating their actions. Take, for instance, classic games like Poker. Tracking tools like HUDs and odds calculators such as Poker Tracker 4, GTO Trainer, etc help you predict the possibilities of creating the best hand as per Poker sequence rules and decide whether to play the game or not by providing the statistics about how your opponent plays the game.

  • Real money games

Over the years, real money games have become astoundingly popular worldwide. In India, gaming sites like Adda52 are offering skill-based card games online in cash games and tournament formats. What’s remarkable is that the games are available around the clock. The basic rules to play the games online are quite similar to offline games. To join a real money game online, you need to register yourself on the gaming platform. Once joined, you can log on to your playing account anytime to play.

Although games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc are widely popular among the masses, one cannot deny the fact that they don’t provide players any opportunities to use their imagination and creativity. On the other hand, skill-based games are called the perfect combination of art, skills, and technology. The classic games like Poker and Rummy have been around us for years now. Gaming platforms played a very important role in bringing these wonderful games closer to us. Now, there is not even the need for downloading the game on your smart devices. You can play card games online easily through your web browser anytime you want. Also, many gaming platforms let you play free games to learn the basics before spending money from your pockets.

Games are not just a source of entertainment anymore. The positive aspects of skill-based games make it a perfect tool that can be used for educational purposes as well as for money making.

Seeing the rapid technological growth in the industry, we can say that the future of online games is brighter than ever.