Betinvest has unveiled its latest marvel in betting by launching the Sportsbook software iframe. The iframe is a stand-alone box that sits in the web browser, giving the user exact updates regarding their bets and teams. Iframe sportsbook is a highly customizable tool kit available to clients. Using the services of the iframe, a company can or website can allow its users to bet in sports and esports using pre-customized tools.

Any new business or website can now support online betting through Bestinvest’s iframe. The framework has been dubbed by many as the technology which will change the future of online betting. A client that has employed the services of the iframe framework doesn’t have to worry about any installation or downloads. The frame comes in easy to setup mode, so a person who has a minimal working knowledge of a computer system can also set up the software.

Designed specifically to cater to the minds of the people who use online betting, Bestinvest’s Sportsbook software is like a central router through which the user can select any sport they like from the internet and the iframe browser integration will perform the rest. Currently, Betinvest supports 40+ sports, but if the consumer is looking for some different competition, they can do easily and integrate with Betinvest.
The sportsbook software is a complete package in itself. Once employed, you only need to focus on the Customer side, as the software itself will take care of everything else. Each new user you add to your website can easily use the sportsbook to view odds and place bets. Most online websites are often termed unreliable by the way they handle your money. But with Betinvest, you get guaranteed uptime on all their servers. With support staff that is ready to assist customers 24/7, you can easily settle any issues you encounter with the software.

Once the software is deployed, the client should only focus on getting new customers. As the software is quite capable of doing things on its own, you can use it to produce promotional content for your business and website. The software itself is highly customizable, so it can be colored and altered according to your brand’s needs. The security controls embedded in the software are quite secure. All your clients and users information are stored safely.

Even though the software comes loaded with various features and add-ons, one of the main features of the Betinvest Sportsbook iframe is that automatically adjusts the payment mode to the country’s legal and financial rules. So even though the head company operates from a different continent, it can attract global audiences without the need for hiring any extra help for tax issues. The client can also directly view their customers, so you can view which of your players are a bad influence on others, and take appropriate action against them.

With a team of professionals that is both experienced and hardworking, you can safely and easily start your collaboration with Betinvest and get their sportsbook software today to kick start your website.