Sports clubs and major sports organizations have become aware of the powerful role social media platforms could play in their sports marketing campaigns. They funnel a lot of money into social media accounts and make sure to hire top-notch professionals to be in charge of them.

Until a couple of years ago, Facebook was the absolute leader that most clubs and organizations focused on. However, even though it is still considered to be the most popular social media channel, the attention is now split between Twitter and Instagram as well.

One correct or wrong post on a social media profile could turn things around in the financial and marketing sense. There is little room for error, and everybody knows it. Nonetheless, some are still better at this social media game than others.

Social Media Leaders

To be successful on the social media, you need to have a good strategy, plenty of money, and celebrity athletes that are going to carry out the brunt of your social media campaign.

According to a BettingSites’ infographic, the three leaders in this area on Facebook are Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United. They have 108, 103.1, and 73.6 million followers respectively. As it seems, Real Madrid and Barcelona are not the biggest rivals only on the football field but on the internet as well.

The situation is pretty similar on Twitter, which is the second most influential social media platform on the internet. Its short format is perfect for quick and important announcements. Judging by the number of followers, Real Madrid rules Twitter, followed by Barcelona.

Sports organizations are also very active on Twitter. NBA and NFL are notable examples with 27.7 and 24.7 million followers respectively. However, when it comes to international sports organizations, the International Olympic Committee and FIFA are the absolute winners.

Biggest Sports Stars on Social Media

“Athletes on social media are digital assets of brands.” They are a vital resource that brings hundreds of millions of dollars to clubs, sports organizations, and sports brands.

Once you become a worldwide sports celebrity and a role model to millions of kids and young people from all corners of the world, your life does not only belong to you.

One prominent example is Cristiano Ronaldo who has signed a lifetime deal with Nike, worth $1 billion. This impressive amount sounds like a lot, but it becomes more realistic when you learn that all Ronaldo’s social media channels are worth $500 million a year to Nike.

Ronaldo is the absolute leader across all platforms, with Neymar and Messi following close by and trying to figure out the perfect recipe for social media success. However, it seems that there is more to it than just a good marketing team – the personality matters a lot as well.

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