Ohio sports betting will be legal by January 2023. This is according to an updated HB29 that cleared both legislative houses in December 2021 and was quickly approved by Governor Mike DeWine. The Ohio Casino Control Commission now is in charge of developing the rules that will govern the new market. With the passage of the Ohio sports betting bill, it appears that everything is in place this year. The commencement of sports betting owner applications to the Ohio Casino Control Commission on January 1st, 2022, was a significant occasion for Ohio sports wagering. 

What Can You Expect From Sports Betting in Ohio? 

Sports betting will be regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission. This should be advantageous in the region, since states that don’t have lottery managing sports wagering seem to be having greater success. When it is fully operational, Ohio sports betting should be highly profitable. Some believe that the huge market might generate1 billion dollars in total sales while earning 90 million dollars in tax income at a 10% rate. Some of the largest sports betting organizations, including DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, and many others, are expected to join Ohio as soon as feasible. 

Apps for sports betting are coming to Ohio. 

While Ohio residents are currently unable to wager on sports in their home state, it is uncertain how many sportsbooks will be accessible in the region once they legalize sports betting. However, casinos and sports groups that already have licences can qualify for a second licence if they can show the OCCC that the second licence will benefit Ohio incrementally. We don’t yet know the exact list of applications that will be available in Ohio, but certain sportsbooks look to be more likely than others. Here are a few of the most likely: 

DraftKings Sportsbook 

DraftKings will be among the first to arrive in Ohio as soon as the launch prosess is finalized. They will be the first sportsbook to join the market in both Illinois as well as Tennessee, two of the most recent states to allow gambling. They do an excellent job of quickly establishing their mobile and internet sportsbooks, as well as working with casinos to provide you with an in-person alternative. DraftKings are one of the top sportsbooks for individuals who are new to betting since they have one of the best user-friendly interfaces. 

FanDuel Sportsbook 

When it comes to betting, FanDuel Sportsbook is an excellent choice. In Ohio, they already have a wonderful DFS software to use, and once the sportsbook gets up, it will be a smooth transition. When betting on FanDuel, a very clean and fast UI on both desktop and mobile leads to a terrific experience. Deposit and withdrawal of all funds is fast, making it simple to get in on the action or withdraw funds as needed. FanDuel also offers several promotions that you may take advantage of as a new customer or while depositing money. 

BetMGM Sportsbook 

BetMGM is among the largest sportsbooks in the United States and will land in Ohio as soon as the launch process is complete. They has a long history in the sportsbook industry, stemming from their home in Las Vegas, the country’s original homeland of sports betting. They understand business and have continually demonstrated that they are among the best sportsbooks in the nation. BetMGM offers several promos and incentives to encourage players. As soon as they establish roots in Ohio, make sure to check back with us for the most recent and exciting BetMGM promos. 

Final Thoughts 

Reports state that the state intends to begin operations on January 1st 2023. That day is set as the timeline for the Ohio Casino Control Commission to introduce sports betting in the state under HB 29. According to OCCC deputy chief executive Rick Anthony, the commission intends to spend the entire year of 2022 planning to oversee the new industry. Anthony continued by stating that he is advising interested parties — sportsbooks, merchants, and so on — not to expect a debut before then. The launch will be followed by changes in Ohio sports betting. 

This is good for the sports betting sector in Ohio as it is set to have huge benefits to the region’s economy. Ohio’s new law will also permit state-wide mobile wagering tied to ten sports teams and eleven current gambling locations. The funds will be used to promote educational and youth sports projects. The availability of type A and B licences will in turn benefit the sportsbooks companies. They will also enjoy a favourable licencing structure compared to cities like New York and Carlifornia. Sports beting in Ohio will surely be changed by this venture.