One of the most memorable experiences that one can have in a casino is probably the flashiness and the lights all around the place. The truth is, casinos worldwide wouldn’t be the same without slots. Slots are what give the whole experience an electrical and flashy feel. The best thing about slots is that anyone can play them. As long as you are over the required age, you can enjoy slots whether you’re in your twenties or eighties. You can always here some excitement going around in a casino when someone hits a jackpot on a slot machine!

Although the sound of coins and those flashing lights are what gives a casino its soul, some people don’t enjoy playing live slots. The problem with them is that they limit you. They have certain annoyances such as the fact that you have to insert a coin every so often, as well as the fact that these slots aren’t available if you aren’t in a big city that has a casino in it. This is why people choose to play online slots, as they can be just as fun and you can play them anytime you wish to!


Basically, the best thing about online slots is the fact that anyone can play them. There is some tactic involved but it’s nothing like a stressful game of Texas Holdem for example. This game is designed to be all about chance and luck, which is why the prizes can be really high sometimes. The fact is that you never know what you might be going home with after an intense session on a slot machine. Some people walk in a casino with a couple of coins and drive home in a Ferrari! Well, it is a little different when it comes to online slots, but nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t win a lot of cash!

In fact, the biggest advantage in playing online slots comes with the fact that you have a lot more opportunities to win! For some reason, casino game developers have created a new type of slots which limits you and gives you fewer chances of winning. These slots consist of three pay reels and have one central pay line in the middle. This greatly limits your chances of winning contrary to the older versions in which you had five pay reels and the pay line could go in every direction, giving you a lot more chances of winning.

Of course, not all casinos have these new standardized slot machines, but luckily, online slot games feature the old ones which are far more profitable. This is one of the main reasons why people play slots online as they see that there is a lot more room to gain money instead of losing it and wasting time. Some people enjoy playing more than the benefits of a payout, but others that are looking to come out with a profit are definitely more likely to be playing on an online slot machine.


The way these extended reel options work is that you get the option to win over more pay lines, rather than just one in the middle like in the newer versions. This gives you around 20-30 possible ways to win in a single round. When you add the bonus payout options such as wild cards and scatter symbols, you can get over 200 possible scenarios in which you come out as a winner in the game each round! This is the main reason why people favor online slots with five pay reels.

The history of the slot machine goes back to 1891 when Brooklyn’s Pitt and Sittman developed a machine which was the original version of the slot game. Since then, the popularity of the game has spread worldwide and more versions of the same have been created. There are many names depending on the area where it is played. It was called the “One armed bandit” as a previous version of the game had a lever with which it was operated. Modern versions of the game function with buttons.

So, how is it played? Well, it is probably the easiest game that you’ll ever encounter. All you have to do in order to play is to put in a coin, and push a button. In the online version of the game, the act of pushing the button is replaced with the act of clicking with your mouse. You definitely don’t have to do much in order to enjoy this game.

Okay, it may not be that simple, but it’s still extremely easy to learn! Online slots are a lot like video slots. You have a screen which tells you everything you need to know, and buttons which let you operate the machine. You select the number of pay lines which you want to activate, as well as another number with which you select the number of coins or credits that you wish to bet with. Depending on the casino or the version of the game in general, these credits can be anything from 1 to 5 or 5 to 25. Online slots are particularly good because they allow you to choose whether you want to bet a small amount or a big amount.

As stated above, many of the newer slot machines have a single row payout system, but in online slots you usually have around five or more, meaning that you have a lot of chances to hit the right combination and come out as a winner. When you push the button, the lines start spinning. If you get a set of the same symbols in an order, you win. The percentage of your winning depends on the value of the winning symbol. You have a variety of different symbols, varying from game to game, which all have a different value. Some of the most common ones are cherries, sevens, bars, and variations of the bars such as triple or double bars.


The value of the symbol is something that you should figure out as it varies from slot to slot, but it won’t take a lot of time. It depends on the machine you’re playing on, or the site in the case of online slots. For instance, the cherry is considered of a lower value than a triple bar, meaning that if you get a line of triple bars, you will get a lot more money than from a line of cherries. There are loads of combinations, but the thing is that you don’t get anything if they aren’t in a certain sequence. You can link combinations to get more money, for example, a cherry line with a line of bars gives you a lot more than a single cherry line.

There are many combinations that you can easily learn with some time and practice. Online slots are a great game to get you excited about the real thing, even if you aren’t planning to play in a casino. All in all, it is definitely something that you should try out as it doesn’t involve a lot of effort and time.