Finding legitimate online casinos is certainly a challenge- especially in the USA, where unregulated gambling with real money is illegal. The few states that do allow real money casino operations are heavily regulated, and you’ll often have to pay a large percentage of your earnings to various state-run tax initiatives.

If you’re looking for the best online casino in the USA, then you need to read this post. We’re going to show you exactly how to find and identify legit online casinos, explain what type of games you’ll be able to play, and break down the legality of online casino gambling.

Some of the top-rated online casinos have been in business for a long time and let USA players play for real money and even bet on sports events. Whether you’re looking to play a classic casino game like poker, slots, or blackjack, or you’re looking for some high-stakes wagering, we’re about to show you where all of the fun is.

What Is The Best Online Casino For US Players?

Due to strict gambling regulations in the United States, most online casinos aren’t allowed to advertise on social media or Google. This is why you won’t find an ad offering free spins on Roulette while you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed. In fact, many of the real money online gambling sites operate solely on referrals.

One of the best USA online casinos we’ve come across so far is BetUS. Despite its name, they actually operate out of the country of Panama, where casino sites are 100% legal and they don’t have to adhere to the outdated laws and regulations of most North American countries.

The site allows players from all around the world to join and create a free account. They also offer considerable bonuses for making your first deposit with Bitcoin! If you’re not savvy to cryptocurrency, though, then you’re free to make a deposit on your account using your credit card.

Which Online Casino Has The Best Payouts?

To be completely truthful, most online casinos offer the same payouts to their players. The main difference that you’ll find from one USA online casino to another is that some offer new users a sign-up bonus or allow players to take advantage of certain promotions.

So far, we’ve heard only good things about BetUS, but that’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself.

Can I Bet With Real Money On Online Casinos?

It wouldn’t be a real online casino if you couldn’t play with real money, would it? You’ll be able to play with real cash on table games, slots, video poker matches, and even sportsbook betting. Whether you make your deposit with crypto or your credit card, you’ll be able to access your credits and funds instantly and cash out whenever you want.

Can I Legally Gamble Online In The US?

Historically, gambling has always been a grey area in the USA. It’s kind of like smoking pot- in some places, it’s legal; in other places, you can go to jail for it. No matter where you are though, there are always going to be people who play casino games and poker in their free time, regardless of the law.

As far as online gambling goes, the practice is technically illegal in the United States due to the Federal Wires Act. This law was passed to prevent the spread of organized crime and states that unregistered US casinos cannot accept money or deal out winnings on US soil.

In order to get around these laws, however, online casinos for US players typically operate overseas where the laws aren’t as restrictive. As long as you’re following the gambling laws in your state, it’s not against the law to participate in casinos online.

How To Find The Best Online Casinos

Here are some quick tips and questions to research to help you find the best online US casino.

How Many Online Casino Games Do They Offer?

If you’re like most gamblers, then you probably enjoy having access to a variety of games. After all, you can only play Texas Hold ‘Em for so long before you’re ready for something different. Perhaps you want to try your hand at online slots or play some digital roulette. Make sure that the casino you’re looking at gives you options.

Check If There’s A Welcome Bonus

As we mentioned, some gambling sites offer promotions and bonuses to new users. This is a great way to put some extra gambling credits in your pocket and help you start off with a good hand.

Do They Have A Sports Betting Platform As Well?

Slots/table games are fun, but most users eventually develop an interest in sports betting. The top-rated casino sites almost always offer some form of sportsbook where you can place wagers and bet on your favorite sports teams and upcoming events. Some even offer live betting, where you can wager as the game is actively being played!