Badminton is a very fun activity, especially for family members and friends. However, it is also considered as an actual sports event, and like every other sports event you can wager your money on a game of badminton. This is a game that is played with racquets, which are used for hitting a “ball” that is called a shuttlecock, across the net. Even if badminton can be played in larger groups of teams, the most common are for it to be played in singles (where there is one player per both sides) or doubles (where there are two players on each side). Badminton is an entertaining game that can be played anywhere, usually, families play it as an outdoor activity in a yard or just on a beach; in a formal game, badminton is played on an indoor rectangular court. The points in this game are scored when the opposing team lands the ball in the other team’s half of the court.

Each team is allowed to strike the shuttlecock only once before the shuttlecock passes over the net. The play will end once the “ball” has fallen on the floor, or if one of the teams had a fault in their play, which is called by the service judge, umpire or the opposing side (if the two previous are absent). The “ball” which is usually referred to as the shuttlecock is a feathered or in some informal matches a plastic projectile, which is able to fly away in a different way than most of the other balls used in sports.


This game was developed in British India, and it came from an earlier game version called the battledore and shuttle cock. The European game has become really popular in Asia, but it has also been dominated by Denmark and recently dominated by China. Badminton has always been a sport with 5 events, a summer Olympic sport since 1992. Those five events were: women’s singles, men’s singles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles and, of course, mixed doubles. Even if it does not seem like it, badminton actually requires a high level of fitness; players need aerobic stamina, strength, agility, precision, and speed. Since it is also a technical sport, it requires great motor coordination and the growth of sophisticated movements (by racquets).

Even if it is not a major sports event, badminton is still played very competitively and some individuals can make a profit by betting on these games. Like it was mentioned earlier, badminton uses a type of a ball called the shuttlecock, which can reach the speed up to 200 mph when it is hit by a player. This is definitely not a sport that deserves to be dismissed as an inferior sport, just because it is not that well known. The players who want to reach the top of this game, need to be athletic, agile and they must have very quick reactions. In 1992, badminton was recognized by the international community as an actual Olympic sport, however, after 2008, it was dropped from the Olympic games. Today we are still able to watch some major badminton matches, and in some countries, the games are even played on TV. This article will cover everything you need to know if you want to wager your money on this sport; which ranges from types of bets to the things that can influence the sports event, and other relevant information.


Let us start off with the bet types that you will usually have offered, when you want to wager your money on a badminton game. These bets will be offered by most of the online and land bookmakers (including Bet365, Unibet, Betvictor).

1) Placing the bet on the team or a player you think will win the whole match. This is a bet that will most commonly appear in the offer of a bookmaker. This bet can be placed before a certain match start, and it can also be placed in live mode. If the team or the player you wagered your money on wins, then you win this bet.

2) Placing a bet on the player or the team you think will win a particular set. This bet can be placed usually only live. And if the player or the team who you bet on wins, then you win your bet.

3) There will also be an option given to you, to predict the future score of the match. For example, you can predict the match being: 0:2. 1:2, 2:1 and 2:0. You will win this bet if you can correctly predict the future score.

4) You will be given a chance to place a bet on the total set points or just the match in whole. This bet is also known as the over/under bet. Here, live betting is mostly available.

5) Placing a bet on an odd or even amount of points in a particular match. As for the most, this bet is useless, however, it can be available with the bookmakers. It is nearly impossible to predict if the certain match will end with an odd or even number of points. It is basically blind betting, and it is rarely used.

6) Handicap is another bet that can be placed in a badminton game, and it is one of the most popular forms of betting.

7) You are also able to place a bet on a player to win outright; as the winner of the whole tournament. This bet can be placed before the competition starts, and they can be decided by the high odds, and they also carry a lot of risks.

8) Betting on a correct score; a number of points won by one of the teams. You do not have to place an exact number, however, you do give a number like: between 11-21.

9) Betting on the difference between points in a certain set. 6-8, 3-5, 1-2, or more than 9 points.

10) Who will be the leader of the game after 5, 10, 15 … 30 points in a certain set.

After you memorized all of the bets possible, you can move on to the things you need to pay attention to while placing a bet on badminton. Usually, in sports betting you will either rely on your luck or your knowledge that will be based on deep analysis. If you want to become a professional bettor and earn some money while betting on badminton, you should base your bet decisions on analysis and never leave it to just pure luck. Leave the luck to those who play in casinos.

Tournament Rules: the status of the tournament can impact the results of the matches. You should not always win…Unfortunately, when talking about the Cup system, the one who loses is simply going to be dropped out of the tournament. There was even an incident at the London Olympiad looked just a bit convincing, everything was planned in advance and there was no fighting spirit (8 sportswomen who were willing to lose a certain number of matches were disqualified from the game). By knowing the rules of the given tournament and “net”, we will be able to predict the possible outcomes much faster than other bettors, or even bookmakers.


Direct matches: checking the statistics for direct matches is way more important than a rating chart. A badminton player is not allowed to go for another; which is a very important argument, and it can give us a huge advantage. To put it simply, this can be explained as if one sportsman is not able to win in a particular gaming type. In spite of this, almost 90% of the opponents win the badminton game without a problem, however, there will always be a badminton player against who you cannot win. The odds makers would often base their prediction  upon ratings while setting mistaken odds.

One player’s psyche: sometimes players are known to give up after a massive breakaway from their opponent. For example, if a player is in a game where he is losing 8:15, then he will sometimes not continue the match, but just give p all of the sets. In these matches, you will be able to notice pretty good odds in live betting. This has been happening for several years now. In a lot of cases, they would lose one of the sets just to be able to win the two other. It can be said that these sportsmen like to feel like they have a “knife at their throats”, however, the difference would be in the gaming quality. When the player is defeated in his first set, the odds would grow fast, and because of this, if you have a bet on the win, you will be able to win a lot of money.

The air temperature in the badminton hall: this might seem like a less important thing, but the actual temperature can have a big significance in a lot of situations. The shuttlecock, or better known as the birdie, will fly much faster if the temperature was higher and if the halls were smaller. The higher the temperature is, the attacking sportsmen have a higher chance of winning, while the defending ones have  a much lower chance of winning. In general, you can expect high-temperature badminton halls in warm countries like Indonesia, or some other parts of Asia. However, for some countries like England, this is quite different.

Twitter, Facebook, Social Networks: what matter most in a lot of different sports, is the source of information. First of all, here you need to pay attention to the possible injuries, the player’s family relationship, and all of the other facts that can greatly impact their game, both positively and negatively.

The overall rating: a lot of gamblers, bettors, like to take the rating position of a certain player into account. Nevertheless, this is not one of the major factors; you should be concerned more about the  direct matches and fitness.

Little important tournaments: some tournaments that have a lower prize fund will usually be excluded by the other players, even before the start of a more important match. A good advice is to lose early, so you can economize the strength for the more important match, tournament. There are always some surprises here.

Know the fastest way you can analyze odds: one of the easiest ways for a bettor to find good odds is as soon as the bookmaker sets them. You should always stick to one principle, which states: “the sooner, the better”. Even if there will often be mistakes made by the bookies at the beginning, they can easily be corrected later on.

The sportsman’s fitness: as said earlier, this is one of the key elements when betting on players, or a match. You should always look at the fitness of a certain player, together with his place in the table.


Odds and setout: this goes without saying, you should have more gaming accounts at a number of bookmakers. The differences in given odds can easily be substantial. Be sure you know that the sites have the best odds, or more accurate odds, before using their information for your strategies; this also applies to land bookies. Different sites will, of course, have different ways they handle things, especially betting exchanges, so be sure you know everything before wagering your money. There will also be given a number of different badminton bets, and not many of them will have good offers.

Airstream: just like the players, the bettors should also be aware of the direction in which the air stream blows. This is very important because the balls used in this game, the birdies, are very light, and even the slightest wind can make them move. The air streams are a big side effect of huge halls, and a player will always play against those streams. It is quite harder to control in which direction will the birdie fly when there are random air streams.

Doubles: badminton really is a unique kind of sport. Some of the best players in badminton doubles would frequently plan in both of the categories throughout the day, and every day during the tournament. This can affect the player’s skills and form during rest of the matches. It is quite natural that such frequent matches will drain your energy, and the opponents can use that to their advantage.

On top of all of this, you also have to be aware of the dangers in this game; which are so-called ‘Fixed Matches’. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fixed matches even today. Bettors are usually not aware of this fact, and sometimes they would lose a bet without even knowing the reason behind it. However, a thorough analysis of the market might help you with this problem. These matches are usually used since if you win a bet on a loser, you can win more money than if you win a bet placed on a winner. Do keep in mind that badminton is certainly not the only sport with this kind of a problem. Every sport that has money involved will have people earning it in an unfair way. There are a lot of scandals that surfaced because of these fixed matches; some happened in South Korea and China while others happened in London…etc.


Now the question, that the bettors love to ask: Is it possible to predict it? Well, it is possible, probably, but at the same time, it is extremely difficult. You should try and avoid the matches that have odds which change from one number to another in a short period of time, without any given motives. This does not mean that all of the matches who have moving odds are fixed, but it usually indicates that. Even if the odds decrees, that can be explained with logic; for example, if the player had a small injury, or was sick before the match even started. Even the bookmakers can sometimes make a mistake or some specific tournament rules.

Overall, badminton is an indoor sport, since the birdie is so light that the smallest wind can blow it away. You should always remember to check everything that is suggested in this article, which ranges from the players profile to the type of the badminton hall. There are a lot of things that can affect the outcome of the game, and it will be useful if you know all of them before wagering your money on the match. If you do decide to profit from badminton, just remember to treat the betting like a game; sometimes you will lose and sometimes you will win.