Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. Many people worship cricketers and get inspired by their activities. Cricket betting is on the rise due to an increase in the legitimacy of the platforms available and accessible for Indian people. As many people are interested in cricket, a hike can be seen in the betting scenario.

It is the game of the fastest person. Things change in microseconds between two balls. One mistake by any of the players can result in huge profit or loss. Cricket betting is a game of chance derived by logic and probability. One of the most credible platforms in this field is 10CRIC India.

The rise of cricket betting in India can be seen due to the following reasons:

Increase in smartphones

As there is a surge in the number of smartphones, cricket betting platforms are skyrocketing. Now you can easily bet from the comfort of your home. Many reliable platforms use your card to add money and transfer cash from one place to another.

Moreover, there are thousands of users utilizing these platforms. Smartphones in the past years have become cheap. Therefore, many more people can easily afford it. This has also influenced the traffic on cricket betting websites.

Side income

Many people term themselves as cricket experts, and for them, cricket betting is their side income. These experts know the odds of every player playing well. They analyze each match, each team, and even the extra players. After a full-fledged analysis, they place their bet strategically.

Cricket betting in India is turning out to be a newly rising phenomenon as numerous people join this venture. This is possible due to the increase in reliable, fast, and lag-free platforms.

Increase in the number of tournaments

Cricket is one such game in which there are a lot of formats. This is why there are various matches held in one year. Moreover, numerous domestic leagues simultaneously are being played. The king, IPL, attracts a huge amount of crowd.

In the midst of all this, cricket betting is emerging. People are getting more chances to bet on matches and make money. They have started watching every format. Cricket being fun to watch, now allows people to generate cash at the same time.

Popularity of cricket

There is no other sport that Indians enjoy, as much as they enjoy cricket. This is because of the Indian history, their taste, and preference. Over the years, India has performed exemplary in the tournaments, leading to the emergence of a strong team. Subsequently, India is now one of the best cricketing teams around the globe.

Players are getting unimaginable support from the public, and many of them like Sachin Tendulkar are worshipped as a god. This is where betting swoops in. Almost everyone knows the game, and with the advent of technology, they can easily place bets with one click. This is why an evident rise can be seen in the cricket betting scenario.