2020 was a really important year for the technology sector, especially in the digital entertainment sectors with the online gaming sector leading the way. The wait for the launch of the Playstation 5 certainly weighed heavily. On a weekly basis, information and rumors created ad hoc leaked in order to maintain the hype about a product that, despite the price, could really shake things up, in the technological and entertainment, on a par with what other sectors of digital entertainment get with the online gaming sector leading the way. The good performances of the online casino gaming rooms have decreed a very positive balance for this first semester. In detail, it is the attractions online casino games such as slots, video poker, blackjack and roulette that have obtained the best results at an operational level also thanks to the increasing integration of these games with the apps that can be downloaded on mobile devices.

The necessary step to casino apps

Confirmation was needed for the digital casino sector, which during the past years had suffered a bit from a natural downturn in terms of users, a little distracted by an increasingly varied and differentiated offer, while if we analyze the previous decade there had been greater cohesion, also given by the so-called pokermania, which in Italy as in the rest of Europe had held the bench and attention in the media for a rather long period.

However, once the online gaming sector was reorganized, it moved towards a differentiation of the offer, thanks to all the attractions available and functional to be practiced also via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The same kind of logic that today also dominates the gaming sector, with the latest generation consoles moving towards a more dynamic gameplay and in step with the times. The greater diffusion of simplified versions of games available on the app demonstrates a greater confluence of the public on the heavier versions for fixed positions. The level of security of the apps and the possibility of allowing the use of the game in all environments has made it possible to expand the audience of potential players also involving the “casual player” that is the non-regular player who plays to pass the time, every now and then.

The main attractions at the level of online casinos

As for the attractions of online casinos, aside from games of skill such as poker, baccarat or blackjack, one of the most successful and fortunate games, online roulette remains. A real classic of gaming rooms that has been able to cross historical eras, game modes up to the present day with an intact, if not growing popularity, compared to past years and its arrival in the digital gaming rooms of virtual casinos. A foolproof way to play and win roulette is to develop and study betting strategies to reduce the house edge over the players.

 As you certainly know, roulette can be played on a single number bet, but also in combinations of two numbers, even and odd, red and black or in numerical sequence. The number sequences by convention are divided into five blocks, ranging from 1 to 18, from 19 to 36, from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24 and from 25 to 36. According to the law of large numbers, often invoked by those familiar with the casino and in particular with roulette, the odds of winning can vary from 46.37% to 31.58% for number blocks, while the combination of two numbers drops down to 5.26% and the number single is around 2.63% as the probability of winning.

The game systems for European roulette

The game of roulette has been studied throughout its history and intriguing theories have been created, of which the best known are certainly Fibonacci, Labouchère and D’Alembert. The theory of chaos is also intriguing, which is based precisely on the concept that there is no order in the output of the numbers, while the Martingale is an elaborate and complex system, based on the fact that you can win by doubling your bet, progressively. However, this is an extremely risky method of play, as the stake must double from hand to hand to win the stakes. An extremely risky method of play for those unfamiliar with live or digital roulette.

Intelligence, responsibility and online play

 One of the most important factors is to associate the gaming experience with two individual factors that go far beyond the hairy state pedagogy, and are the intelligence and responsibility of the players. While on the one hand there are those who moralize and at the same time strictly tax gambling operators, on the other hand there must be the individual and the freedom of choice. Only by combining intelligence and responsibility can you enjoy games in a fun way, accepting loss as an integral part of the process and without involving others in your individual choices. The freedom to have fun must not translate into harm for others as in all aspects of individual life: from driving behavior to the consumption of food that is potentially harmful to health.