Free spins have become something that players are expecting to find whenever they visit an online casino. Be it loyal players or casino newcomers, there’s usually ways for gamblers to claim free spins and play slots for free in the majority of online casinos. 

The benefits of claiming a free spin bonus are aplenty. Let’s take a closer look at the 7 main reasons why you should claim a welcome bonus if you come across one in any top-quality online casino!

You Can Test How a Casino Works

The single most important reason to claim a bonus is not to earn bonus cash, but actually to test how an online casino works. A bonus is a fantastic indicator to determine how online casinos treat players, bonuses, cash outs, and payouts.

You can use free spin bonuses to play a certain game for free, and the process of fulfilling the site’s wagering requirements will indirectly tell you a lot of information on how online casinos work.

Spending the free spins is already a great indicator as how the site operates. You can see how smooth gameplay is, and whether the site is worth spending your money on. 

You can Sometimes Participate for Better Prizes

Free spin bonuses sometimes offer more than meets the eye. Your rewards are not always limited to free gameplay in online slots.

You can use free spins that belong to larger casino promotions to participate in other casino activities, like casino tournaments.

Some online casino sites allow you to use free spins as part of tournament gameplay. Some will allow you to collect bonus points while fulfilling the wagering requirements of free spin bonuses to bolster your loyalty point tally.

Bonus options are aplenty in the online casino world, and free spins are the gateway promotion to get yourself started.

You Get to Experience Risk-Free Gameplay

Why play with real cash when you can use bonus money instead? Free spin bonuses allow you to enjoy the thrill of playing casino games and earning real money while you do so, all without having to spend any of your own cash.

Sure, you can play online slots in trial mode, but the emotions are not the same; you just know that trial mode will not yield any real money prizes, so big wins are often meaningless for the player.

Free spins will let you experience the best aspects of casino gameplay without having to spend any money of your own!

Free Spins Allow You to Earn Real Cash After Spending Them

Free spins will allow you to turn a free bonus into something tangible, something real, something that could very well be in your pocket soon: real money!

Free spins vary in their level of profitability but, in most cases, you can count on free spin money to be exchangeable for real cash. You will have to follow casino rules, but the spins turn into real money eventually. It’s a no-brainer to claim them and try your luck.

You’ll Try Out Games that You May Otherwise Ignore

Even though the fact that free spins are often locked to be spent in certain casino games may be seen as a negative in the eyes of some players, we beg to differ.

Free spins are often tied to games that you would otherwise never try out. With free bonus cash and the chance for you to earn real money, it’s easy to play any game that the casino wants you to play. You have nothing to lose, after all, so why not give a new slot a chance?

You may come across some absolutely fantastic casino titles in your time spending the spins. Maybe you’ve never tried Book of Dead or Starburst, or maybe you’ll get the chance to experience Sweet Bonanza for the first time.

Some Free Spins Come with Fair Wagering Requirements

You may come across casino free spins with wagering requirements that seem surprisingly achievable. In fact, you may even find free spins with no wagering requirements at all!

Some online casinos are eager to offer players the chance to play new slots. All you have to do is be aware of the wagering rules and how the spins must be spent.

You should always understand how a casino bonus works by visiting a site like The Casino Wizard. You can get a better grasp on what are wagering requirements and how they work by doing so. 

Even if your free spin bonus of choice comes with rather hefty requirements, the free spins per se need to be spent. You may have your total winnings limited depending on the casino rules, but cash is always there to be won.

They’re Free – There’s No Reason Not to Take Them!

Honestly, if you’re not paying any money and you’re not even being asked to make a deposit, there’s no reason not to claim free spins on any given online casino.

You could be facing some of the craziest wagering requirements in online casino history, but why wouldn’t you take the offer if you’re not spending a dime of your own cash? All you need to do is play the slots that the free spins allow and either walk away with a profit or pack your bags and leave.

Beware, though: some online casinos may ask you to spend extra cash before you can cash out any winnings made with free spins. The most lucrative free spin deals are often tied to welcome bonuses or loyalty bonuses instead.