Gambling dates back to prehistoric time and because of its popularity, it is still a widespread means of earning money through entertainment.

People are still fascinated to gambling where they risk some money to win more. And technology has made it easier for more and more people to be involved in gambling daily.

Every gambler wishes to win massive sum of money through gambling. And to make that wish come true, you must be a better gambler.

Below is the list of 5 easiest ways to be a better gambler which helps you to turn the game in your favour while you are playing with live casino dealers in India.

Study Before Gambling

Even if you are a beginner in gambling, knowledge can help you gamble like a pro.

Never enter into casino just relying on your luck. If you do, there is greater chance that you lose a lot of money.

As gambling can make people millionaire in the fastest way possible, everyone gets excited to gamble. But your excitement should not make you lose your mind. Even if you are a seasoned gambler, always research before trying a new game.

It is essential to learn about the gameplay, its strategies, house edge and winning odds if you wish to be a better gambler.

Set Your Limits

Do not enter into gambling with too much greed. Always set proper limit to your play.

A gambler must know that he will not win all the time. So, to be a better gambler you must be prepared for both winning and losing situations. For this, you must set limit to both situations.

Check your bankroll and make plan that you will walk away when you lose certain amount of money. This will help you from bankruptcy. Similarly, set plan that you will walk away when you win certain amount of money. This plan will prevent you from losing all the winnings if you get carried away with the excitement of trying to win more money but actually losing it all.

So, be prepared before starting the play. Listen to your mind, not your heart.

Stick to Your Expertise

Strictly stick to your expertise. Do not diverge your mind into several games about which you don’t have much knowledge.

You must know your strength and hold onto it. If you are interested in a particular game and have learnt proper strategies to win the bet on it then don’t miss any chance by getting tempted to other games you don’t know about.

Do not care what other people are doing. Keep your focus straight.

Gamble on Strategic Games

Games in gambling are either strategic or non-strategic. It is better to choose strategic games in order to ensure high winning probability.

Non-strategic games like Slots, Lottery games, Bingo, Roulette, etc. are the games of chance. So, you must rely on your luck for everything. There is equal probability of both win and loss.

But strategic games like Blackjack, Sports betting, Poker, Video Poker, Horse Racing, E-sports, etc. have betting and winning strategies. These games mostly rely on your smartness and knowledge.

You must learn and apply the strategies properly into gambling so that you have high probability to win.

Gamble in more than one game

More than one does not mean as much as you can. Create a pack of around 4 games for yourself where you can gamble with proper strategies.

Choose the games of your interest. Taking few and interesting games will make it easier to master the strategies, gameplay and rules.

While you are playing Poker, bet on horse race and your expertise sport also. This way, you will increase your probability of winning more money and you will not get bored of being involved into only one game.


Do not just depend on your luck in gambling. Put some effort and play smartly.

Just a little effort and use of head can make you a professional gambler. You can make money of your dreams and easily make living playing on BetBarter – One of the best online betting app in India. And never miss to follow above 5 strategies to shine on gambling world being a better gambler.