We all love a story with a happy ending where the people’s hero emerges triumphant, and fairy tales like Ali Baba remain as popular as ever. Nevertheless, for one Kazakh man, his fortune did not lie in a mysterious cave packed with treasure, but on one of the world’s leading betting sites.

In early 2021, Almaty resident Mukhazhan visited the 1xBet website, placing a 100 thousand tenge bet, the equivalent of $238. The 44-year-old placed an accumulator bet, betting on 44 separate events.

As a football player himself, Mukhazhan leveraged his knowledge of the sport, betting exclusively on football events and predominantly concentrating on European fixtures. Mukhazhan was attracted to 1xBet by its high odds and increased flexibility, with the betting website enabling customers to bet on the same team in different tournaments, as well as offering unlimited accumulator bets.

Typically consisting of four or more bets, an accumulator provides scope for players to amass vast wins from relatively small stakes. Returns from one win are rolled over to the next bet. If every bet is successful, the win is paid out. As Mukhazhan indicates, when a player is successful with an accumulator bet, they can potentially win big.

Speaking after his win, Mukhazhan said that when there were just a few matches left, he started to get nervous. The last match he bet on took place at night. His team won. Having successfully predicted the outcome of 44 separate events, Mukhazhan could barely believe it at first, saying it seemed as though it was happening to someone else. It finally started to sink in when he saw that the money had already been credited to his 1xBet gaming account. Mukhazhan woke up his wife to share the good news.

Married to the administrator of an Almaty-based homeless animal volunteer movement, Mukhazhan had previous told his wife that if he ever had a big win, he would use the money to help those in need. Already a successful businessman, Mukhazhan had no need to buy real estate or an expensive car. He confirmed that his winnings would go to his wife’s cause, saying his joy was immeasurable. Pointing out that it was a large sum of money, and not many people are able to help that much, Mukhazhan ascribed his luck to the fact that he had no intention to keep his winnings to himself, but rather wanted to use them to help others.

Congratulating him, representatives of 1xBet said they were glad to see Mukhazhan win.

Mukhazhan is the second Almaty resident to have a big win on 1xBet. The previous year, another 1xBet player from Almaty won nine million tenge on the 1xBet website. At 876 million tenge, Mukhzhan’s win established a new record in the history of betting in Kazakhstan, highlighting 1xBet’s status as a world-leading bookmaker.

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