We’ve all read articles discussing the gambling traits of some of the famous professional gamblers. They have few things in common as far as character traits go. Some have the balls if you’ll excuse my choice of words. They risk huge sums of money. They have skin in the game they are playing and are not afraid to back up a reasonable bet or good strategy with some serious cash. And in most cases, this means going out on a limb, just as an entrepreneur invests in a new idea.

After reading some of the fluff found on the internet, John (not his real name) felt confident enough to give professional gambling a try. He signed up at one of the online casinos with a well worked out plan in mind: use the Martingale Betting System to milk some quid from the casino. Using an initial bet of £50, he placed a bet on Black; the roulette ball landed on Red. He doubled his bet as the system dictates; still, the roulette ball landed on Red. 10 more of the same bets and John was done with his bankroll, leaving him disoriented for the night in a matter of a few minutes. So much for a plan, I must say!

This sorta thing happens to most bettors, at least it has happened to me, at the casinos. But unlike John who had a plan, most of the bettors go in blind, not knowing how to play. The sign up, play a game or two, change games and shortly afterwards, they are flat broke, and it’s time to log out.

Don’t let this happen to you! Don’t want to be an example to your friends. Instead, you should always endeavour to set a good example to your friends. Be the great gambler that your friends want to always emulate!

What Makes a Great Gambler – Five Steps to Becoming a Great Gambler

There is not a single key to successful gambling, but attention to different details, including choosing good games; using reasonable money management techniques; picking the right gambling destination; learning from your past mistakes; having an open mind and accepting the outcome; capitalizing on the free money offered by the casinos among many other tips!

Expect gambling to be a roller coaster experience!

The frugal journey of a gambler is not a smooth one as many might think. For most occasional gamblers, they play for the thrill of a frequent payout and will mostly shrug off their losses. However, with great gamblers, it’s usually the other way round; the wins aren’t that exciting while the losses are heartbreakingly painful! This is the reason why most of the successful and professional gamblers learn from their experience, while the less successful one don’t!

When you are struck by the errors made, you’ll always endeavour to avoid them. However, when you shrug off the mistakes, you’ll not be so motivated to learn from them.

Hard work and discipline

Another trait that you’ll certainly notice among all successful gamblers is their talent for hard work and discipline. Most, if not all, of the gamblers, will tell you that they spend hours gambling each day, for every day of the year. They also invest too many hours studying too!

For instance, Blackjack players will spend hours studying different variations of the game and scrutinising the subtle changes in the basic strategy required for them to play the game effectively. As for successful punters, they’ll tell you of the complex models that they’ve built to predict the odds of the games. Most of them are successful scientists only that their research is to help them make money rather than curing Ebola or discovering the cure to AIDS.

Manage your Bankroll right!

Our friend John almost had it right; dividing his money into smaller bits instead of using all of it to play. However, the mistake that he made was using a progressive betting system. What he could have done instead was to use a flat betting system, where he could have used a flat bet of £50.

His other mistake, which is also very common with most players is failing to stay disciplined. If for example, you have a bankroll of £100 to spend in one night, ensure that you stick to it till the end regardless of whether you are winning or not. Once the £100 has been spent, walk away till the next time.

Choose the right gambling destinations

Online and land-based casinos are constantly looking for new ways to reward their players and visitors. Some sites will offer bonuses and promotions, while the land-based counterparts will have tempting discounts for players who choose to play at their establishments. We cannot forget to mention that the best also have unbeatable odds, which ensure that you are rewarded accordingly in the event of a win.

Any great gambler knows that you can always use the bonus offers to your advantage as they add value to your casino experience. How? Using the bonuses offered, you can always try new methods of betting risk-free and in the process stand a chance of winning some real cash. There’s a plethora of dependable review sites like Reel Bonanza, to help you make informed decisions on the most reliable and enjoyable online casinos, and Trip advisor for land-based casino settings.

Never Forget to Enjoy!

Most of the successful gamblers will tell you one thing; ‘When I started gambling, my main goal was not to make money. I was just having fun just like any video game player. However, it was a lucky coincidence that I soon discovered if I put more effort to have more fun, I could earn myself some monetary perks as an added bonus’.

I’ve just quoted one of the few people I know who have made thousands from betting online. And the message is evident that he didn’t take betting as an entrance exam to join Harvard, and neither did he bet like his life rode on the next move he made! With time and experience, he learned to climb the gambling ropes, and he’s what he is today – a great gambler!

It’s never that easy to become a great gambler, but if you stay committed and work hard towards you goal, the rewards can be much greater that you ever imagined!