Every single year, computer hardware and software gaming companies rake in more than 20 billion dollars, and this is just for the US. As at today, 0ver 60% of Americans will sit behind a computer and have a go at the avalanche of games available. We are so much in love with these games, and while they get some stick from many quarters, they do have a silver lining. There is every indication out there that video games are actually great when it comes to giving us the impetus to deal with real life situations. Still not sold to the idea? Let’s explore how:

Becoming a better problem solver

It might not be considered as getting smarter, but research shows that parts of the brain that have to do with muscle control, memory, spatial navigation and strategic planning develop more due hours of playing. Games that involve strategy to get to the next level encourage players to think steps ahead. This way of thinking is eventually applied in real world scenarios where the individual can deliberate on consequences and choose the right way to approach certain situations. These type of games often present challenges that need critical thinking, problem solving abilities and capability to retain information from long passages of texts.

Letting go and starting over

This happens to every video game fanatic after playing a video game long enough to become good at it. It is an immersive experience to succeed in a game and advance to new levels. However, the sad and inevitable truth is that your lives eventually run out and the game over screen flashes in your face. At this point, you either have to start over or stop playing all together. Video game enthusiasts will tell you it gets easier to accept disappointing situations in real life if you’ve gone through this over and over again.

Getting better at multi tasking

First off, multitasking isn’t meant to make you more productive. However, it pays to be able to handle a few things at once. Case in point; a videogame player can handle visual and aural distractions at the same time. Players who take time to learn about casino games, for instance, also appreciate the need to keep tabs on different aspects of the game to become good. It is the kind of thing that comes in handy if you are thrust into the hustle and bustle of the corporate world 5 days every week.

Becoming better at personal accountability

If there is one thing that every video game lover asks themselves after an abrupt end to a long run, it’s “where did I go wrong?” This weighty question means much more when you bring it into real life scenarios. Hours of playing video games makes the player more aware of what they are in control of in every situation. This presence of mind enables the individual to focus on their actions to make things better around them.

Creating a good flow in your daily routine

For gaming enthusiasts, our world pretty much runs like the video game world and this mindset can help you get a good flow for work. Video game buffs enjoying setting the same time limits they have in video games in real life, or dividing work in stages or levels. It all makes routine work more interesting.