Is there more value in betting on tennis than in betting on football

Betting on sports can be a fantastic way to make some money; that is providing you’re betting on the right markets. But before deciding the exact market you’re going to bet on it’s important to make sure you understand which sport is going to offer you the best value.

In the UK the two biggest sports as far as betting is concerned are football and tennis. So which one will give you the best value?


Football is a game that’s betting markets are dominated by two key factors; goals and time.In sports like this where points (or goals in the case of football) are scored in a game of limited time, the result is highly variable. This means that it’s betting markets can be extremely volatile. It would be nice to think you could get the outcome of a football match right pretty much most of the time, but that’s rarely the case. It’s often the case that one tram has a much higher percentage chance of winning, but even top tipsters such as those at bettingexpert can never really know the outcome.

The closest you’re ever really going to get to a banker (definitive result) in football is something like Manchester City to beat Sunderland. City clearly has the better players, will inevitably have the majority of the ball and a host of chances to score. But that doesn’t necessarily win them the game, as this match report shows.

Winning football matches consistently is tough, no matter the perceived differentiation in skill level. The amount of variables means that literally anything can happen. Last season Leicester City eon the Premier League having been 5000/1 outsiders before a ball was kicked; that’s just how mad football can be.


In Tennis the skill difference between the players plays much more of a part than it does in football.

If you take a small number and multiply it by a larger number you’ll end up with a sizeable sum. In Tennis there is no time limit and lots of points (or goals) scored. So any differentiation in ability, no matter how small, can turn out to make a huge difference by the end of the match.

It’s this the accumulation of little  advantages over the vast amount of points that that are played in a single tennis match which means that the favourite is very unlikely to lose.

Another factor that makes tennis a less variable sport is the number of participants. When Andy Murray is going up against a lesser opponent in the early round of Wimbledon, the chance are if Andy Murray plays well, he will win. In football, for the better team to win you’d say that a proportion of their players will have to play well; this naturally means there are more things that can go wrong.

Trading perspective

Betting on sports is all about predicting the variables. Due to the lack of variables in tennis the odds for the favourite to win are often very short. However for the same reason the risk is much lower.

With football the risk is higher but with this of course comes greater rewards. If you’re looking for a high risk high reward bet then football is definitely the way to go, but if it’s a sure bet you’re after then tennis is the sport for you.