Cryptocurrencies have become widely accepted and incredibly popular over the last year, most notably of them Bitcoin (BTC); which is considered the “Gold standard” of cryptocurrencies. Because of BTC’s success and its increasing adoption rate around the globe, you can use it for pretty much anything nowadays, including traveling, purchasing goods or services, gambling, and so much more.

Firstly, there are services that let you use Debit Cards with Bitcoin; this is extremely convenient since it opens up many options for spending directly, without having the need to exchange for cash. The cards do the converting for you at the moment of payment, quick and easy. Some of the services that offer this are CryptoPay and AdvCash.

And then there are services and online stores that have Bitcoin integrated as a payment option, which of course are growing exponentially in numbers over time.

Shopping from is probably what comes to mind first when you’re thinking about shopping online. Luckily, Bitcoiners can use to do just that, and it’s offering you a small discount on top of that. It is mostly targeted towards US residents, but there are options for other countries available as well.

If is not the right thing for you or doesn’t have what you’re looking for, is a great alternative; as its name implies, you can buy almost everything for BTC through this service, and it’s as simple as pasting a link to any physical product, entering your shipping address, and paying.

There is also the option of purchasing Gift Cards; sites like Gyft (US), eGifter (US) and GiftOff (Europe) got you covered with a handful of different Gift Cards for everything you could possibly need. Although, at the time of writing, GiftOff is mainly for the UK, as the other countries available don’t have many options to choose from.

Further places worth mentioning that accept Bitcoin are: OpenBazaar, a fully decentralized Peer to Peer marketplace where you can buy and sell anything without restrictions; Steam, the biggest digital gaming platform; Namecheap and QHoster, which offer web hosting, domains, dedicated servers, and so on. And last but not least, CheapAir, a service that lets you reserve flights, hotels, and more with ease for all your vacation needs.

Besides just spending, there are other activities where you can use your Bitcoins, like trading. Trading, which is sometimes also considered gambling, consists on using an Exchange like Bittrex or Kraken to exchange your cryptocurrencies for another (or fiat equivalents). So why is it like gambling? Simply put, you’re risking your capital while doing so, cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and it can go wrong very quickly. Always remember you’re risking your funds when trading with them.

And finally, we have gambling, which is self-explanatory. Crypto-Games is the largest crowdfunded cryptocurrency gambling website that lets you gamble not only with Bitcoins, but many other different cryptocurrencies as well, with a large selection of games to do so. As an added bonus, it gives you the opportunity to invest in any of the house bankrolls and grow your portfolio that way. If you’re interesting in such sites, than bitcoin gambling is for you.

All the previously mentioned are well-established and trusted websites and/or services at the time of writing. However, please always do your own research before spending.