As far as betting goes, your average punter will just put a few dollars down on a favourite horse to win. But, there are a great deal more complicated betting opportunities available, many of which can increase the chances of walking away with more cash in your pocket. No, we didn’t say alternative betting options would make you rich overnight, we said that they can help get a few more dollars here and there, if you use them correctly.

It should be kept in mind that putting down a bet on a single horse to win is a very long shot option to take. Yes, you sure will walk away with fistfuls of cash if the horse does win, but let’s be honest, that is unlikely. Why not check out a few of these more exotic betting options the next time you’re placing a bet at the tracks?

Swinger Bet                                                               

A swinger bet is popular with many veteran bettors who enjoy Melbourne Cup betting, as it provides a good chance to win, without taking too much risk. A swinger bet means that you bet on two horse in the race, and will get a great payout if the two horse land anywhere in the top three. It doesn’t matter if the horse place first or second, first and third, or any other combination, you are still a winner. Pick your favourite two horses and see if they can make some magic happen.


An exacta bet comes in a few different varieties, but is flexible, which allows the bettor to create his or her own preferred betting combination. It also gives bettors a good chance to study form as they need to know more about the horses in order to place a solid bet. In the Exacta bet the bettor is predicting which two horses will be first and second. However, it is not required to specify just two horses, which would be a long shot for anyone not psychic.

The versions of the Exacta bet are referred to as single, perm and box.

  • The single bet is for those brave souls who wish to specify just two horses, so, selecting one horse to be first, and one to be second. The payouts for succeeding are enormous.
  • The perm version allows the bettor to predict any number of horses they believe may be first, or any number of horses to be second. Obviously, the more precise the bet, the more the payout will be.
  • The box version of the bet allows the bettor to select two or more horses in one group, and if any of the horses selected place first or second, the bettor is a winner. Payouts are moderate.

Trifecta And Quartet

On the other hand, for those very confident about their bet placing abilities, the Trifecta and Quartet betting options allow the bettor to precisely predict which horses they believe will win, in the exact order. The Trifecta bet is a prediction of the exact horses that will place first, second, and third. The Quartet bet an exact prediction of which horses will place first, second, third and fourth. Win one of these bets and walk away with your head held high and pockets