Most addictive RTS games

Professional gamers can count hundreds worthy real time strategy with astonishing graphics and intriguing plot. Recently released games offers possibility to rotate, zoom or change the camera’s angle to improve and adjust game-play view according to the player’s preferences.

All events are occurring in real time so players don’t have time for making well-thought-out decisions and have to react on the fly. Among most bellowed and approved by million’s army of fans strategies we can mention following:

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. This real time strategy was released in 2015 and allows single and multiplayer’s mode. Such type of entertainment is the final part in StarCraft II trilogy. Highly attractive and addictive game has it all – compelling plot, high quality graphics, superb sounds, etc. Moreover, one can make bets at and win real money while playing;

Rome: Total War. Historical type of such type of entertainment from Total War series was released in 2004. This series was well-received by critics and fans. In case single player is chosen and the round is completed – 8 additional groups to chose from are available for player: Germania, Gaul, Britannia, Carthage, Greek Cities, Parthia and the Seleucid Empire. Gamers will be satisfied with storyline as have chance participate in open field battles along with siege ones;

• Next strategy will be interesting for history lovers as Rise of Nations features such famous civilizations as Mongols, Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and more, – overall such type of entertainment has 18 nations. real time strategy game was released in 2003 and till today is one of the best known;

• Sci-Fi themed real time strategy Sins of a Solar Empire is available from 2008. It deals with galaxies and star systems conquering by military force or economic or diplomatic means. All the action takes place in a galaxy that can be zoomed in and out by players in order to find planets available for expansion.

These and many others real time strategy belong to whole series, worth of closer study.

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Best game series to enjoy

What are the best RTS series of all times? Here we will provide a list of few gaming series that include commercially successful as well as approved by critics and fans worldwide known such type of entertainment.

• The first one in our list is Starcraft Series released in 1998 that includes 2 games and 4 expansions. Game describes war between 3 groups for dominance of the Milky Way Galaxy. Every group has its story to tell and the final part – Legacy of the Void, is dedicated to Protoss group;

• Age of Empires includes 4 games with 6 expansions. RTS was released in 1997 and the latest one took place in 2013. This historical game, probably, the most popular and features Iron Age, Dark Age, Imperial Age, Discovery and Industrial Ages. No player will be left disappointed;

• Total War series counts 9 games + 12 expansions. Game was released in 2000 and full of various battles in various historical periods.

Without any questions all mentioned games are worthy of your time and attention.