Fantasy sports are becoming more and more popular – and for good reason. Relatively unknown just a few years ago, it has grown considerably. More and more people are opting to spend their time enjoying fantasy sports, and the fact that more and more women are getting engaged only speaks to the imagination of various providers and suppliers of platforms and content.

One popular game is fantasy football, to no one’s surprise. It has captured the hearts of many a player, and is sure to continue to do so. For those who aim to become the best of the best, this one is for you: some great hints from the experts. Do you want to make it in the world of fantasy sports? Here are some top tips on fantasy sports, especially fantasy football, you should remember.

Do the research

Start your research early – start it in the summer. This will ensure you get informed about the transfers, the injuries, and other important factors. Don’t focus only on the most famous players; cast your net wide and include players other people won’t immediately think of. Not only does this give you a better way of gauging statistics, it also allows you to throw in a surprise later on.

Be different

If you stick with the most famous players, then you may very well end up creating a team that is very similar to a team all the others are putting together; many people are trying to play it safe, but it doesn’t always work out the way they want it to. Don’t be afraid to take a little gamble. The algorithm of fantasy games does have many possible outcomes, after all. 

You’re a manager

Think like a manager – just because the player is good in one particular area of the game doesn’t mean they will be able to contribute to the team in a meaningful way. It’s about matching, as well as selecting.

Never mind the reputation

Don’t pick players just because they’re your favourite ones. Forget their reputation, and look at their statistical record.

Get into a routine

Be systematic. Get into a routine. Keep records, and learn from your mistakes.

In case you need some extra help, here are some of the recommendations made by the top experts of the game. First of all, Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) looks vital as an attacker or midfielder. Secondly, Sergio Aguero is Manchester City’s most expensive player because he knows how to deliver – you may want to investigate further. Thirdly, Andre Grey (Burnley) is just the kind of player you want when it comes to goals and assists. Do your research, and make it work – it’s an exciting game, so have fun!