Top eSports Betting Markets You Should Try

The eSports industry is getting bigger and bigger each day. In fact, according to SuperData, around 134 million people watch eSports. In Europe, it has a market valuation of $72 million. In North America, it’s $143 million, and in Asia, it’s $37 million. This statistical result has led to the creation and success of different betting markets.

Types of eSports Gambling Market

  1. Sports Betting

This is the most popular type of eSports gambling market among viewers. It is somewhat similar to placing a bet on traditional sports. Bettors can choose which type of currency they will use to bet on esports matches. They can choose between cash or skins. The latter one refers to items that can be used on online games just like Counter-Strike.

The most popular game that people bet on is League of Legends which makes up 38% of wagers in betting sites. Next to it is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and then DOTA 2. Lots of people also bet on Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and Starcraft II.

  1. Fantasy eSports

The way fantasy eSports works is just like any variant of fantasy league. There are major players that you can place your bet on. Bettors can form their fantasy team; however, their salary cap is restricted by betting sites. Bettors will be able to accumulate points based on the performance of the players in each competition. The one that is able to accumulate the most fantasy points will win the cash prize.

Fantasy sports are quite similar to head-to-head matches, winner-takes-all contests, 50-50 contests, and qualifiers for other contests and leagues.

  1. Jackpot games

This is somewhat similar to lottery games. Bettors can be able to place a bet with manageable risk, but have a chance to get a huge payoff.  Bettors are restricted on using skins for their bets. The total value wagered on skin betting sites last 2016 amounted to $7.4 billion. About 25.8% of the skin gambling market comes from people betting on lottery games. Meanwhile, 13.95% comes from people betting on roulette-style games. Lastly, 5.59% of it is from players betting on the flip of a virtual coin.

  1. Casino style games

There are different types of casino style games. These are roulette, blackjack and raffles. These types of games are still within the realm of eSports betting. However, bettors only have the option to wage their bets using skins.

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Final Thoughts

It is only a matter of time before eSports betting will be fully developed. In a market study conducted by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, they predict that the eSports betting would have turnover of $23 billion by 2020 and it will generate an income of $1.8 billion. The industry, however, needs to be able to strengthen regulations on betting in order to protect the wagers as well as companies involved in it. The development of better currencies offered on different types of eSports betting market should  be given focus.