Sports betting is a giant industry. Each and every year then is an enormous amount of money staked on the outcome of sporting events worldwide. people bet on anything from the more obvious sports such as football and tennis, to more obscure things such as chess matches and games of kabaddi.

With such a wide variety of sporting events available to bet on there’s not wonder people from all different walks of life take an interest. This combined with the fact that there is the chance of financial gain is what makes betting so popular.

Finding the best betting opportunities

You are always able to find some great bookmaker promotions on big betting sports such as football and tennis; however this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is where the best betting opportunities are. Due to the amount of the statistics available on the major sports you can be sure that the bookmakers have done their homework.

But when it comes to less popular sports such as volleyball and table tennis then you may have the edge over the bookmakers. These are the sorts of sports where the bookmaker doesn’t put in the same level of attention, allowing you to find a good price, so you can place a good bet. This can also apply to the lower division in some sports.

What are the best sports to bet on?

Football – The most watched sport across the whole of the world. Football, or soccer routinely offers the most markets when it comes to betting and because of this there is great value to be found. One of the top ways people like to bet on football is through accumulators; typically the most profitable bets on football are doubles or trebles in which the stake is quite high.

Tennis –The reason that tennis is so good to be on is its in-play markets. Due to the fast paced nature of the sport and the scoring system there are a multitude of opportunities to make money whilst betting on tennis. It’s also possible to be on each set in tennis as if it were a separate game. This means between each set you can evaluate momentum and make a decision on who you believe will come out on top in the next half an hour or so.

Boxing – Boxing is a sport in which the favourite very rarely loses, this means that you can build a favourites accumulator and stake a sizeable amount with fairly low risk. On top of this there is a plethora of markets such as round betting and KO betting that can be profitable.

Basketball – In a game such as basketball where points are scored so frequently there are countless opportunities to win. It’s also a reasonably unpredictable sport which means you can often find some favourable odds.

Cricket – Another sport in which there are a considerable amount of different markets. For people that really know there stuff, betting on cricket can bring great rewards. Player form and historical results can provide a great insight into how a game of cricket pans out; this is especially true of test cricket.