Top 5 eSport games to bet on

There seems to be no stop to the growth of the eSports industry as it’s just growing bigger and bigger for each year. The well known eSports marketing company Newzoo is expecting the revenues from eSport to reach $696 million in 2017, which will be a 41% growth from previous year. By 2020 these numbers are expected to almost double as the predictions are to hit an astonishing $1220 million revenue. Interestingly enough, these huge numbers do not include revenues made from gambling.

With the industry rapidly growing, more and more game developers are having eSports in mind when developing games, whereas betting companies have started to offer plenty of bets on several of these eSport games. Placing real money bets on professional eSport matches is starting to become a huge thing. The level of entertainment this has provided football fans with for years is now available for us with a huge interest in video games.

In the following article we will take a look at what the top 5 most popular eSport games to bet on currently are.

1. CS:GO

In the top we find the extremely popular Counter Strike: Global Offensive, a franchise that’s been going strong since it was first released way back in 1999. The number of eSport tournaments held for CS:GO have been so many that it has even led to professional players being burned out by travelling and playing too much. With the huge number of tournaments, the game is the one that has by far the most matches offered at the bookmakers, hence making it the most common eSport game to bet on at the moment.

2. League of Legends

With an enormous player base of more than a hundred million unique players each month, League of Legends betting is neck in neck with CS:GO, being the second most popular eSport game to bet on. Many bookmakers are offering a wide variety of highly entertaining markets to bet on and with amazing prize pools being offered in tournaments, such as the $5,070,000.00 offered in the 2016 World Championship, it’s no wonder that people choose to heat things up a notch by betting on League of Legends.

3. Dota 2

If a five million dollar prize pool sounded like a lot of money, what do you say about $20,770,640.00? You got it right, Dota 2 had a prize of more than 20 million dollars offered in 2016, which is a lot more than many traditional sports like NBA and the Super Bowl offered! The huge prize pools that this game offers, which was once only a player created mod to Starcraft, is attracting a huge number of people to place real money bets on the action packed professional matches going down.

4. Overwatch

Being just about a year old, Overwatch has taken the eSport scene by storm with 30 million registered players. Even though the game isn’t as commonly seen at the bookmakers as the previously mentioned ones, this Blizzard made success has still made Overwatch one of the most popular eSport games to bet on and it might very well become the most popular one in the future.

5. Hearthstone

Placing real money bets on a card game, who would’ve thought? Well, if the mighty Blizzard is the father of it then anything is possible! Being playable anywhere by using mobile devices and offering a highly entertaining experience, Hearthstone has become a huge success. In about three years 585 tournaments have been held with a total prize pool of eight million dollars. This has led to bookmakers offering bets on several matches going down and many people choosing to spice things up by placing a thrilling bet.

Last words

These are just the five top eSport games to bet on and there are plenty more to find at the bookmakers. As the eSport industry is constantly growing, we can be sure to find new games making their way to the top in the future. Who knows what unbelievable prize pools we might encounter five years from now, when we’re already seeing amounts of more than 20 million dollars? These are exciting times for a gamer to be alive and it’s going to be a joy following the progression.