In the field of games that require advance intellect and planning, Chess is the reigning king. With its complexities and the constant need for intricate methods and strategies, it demands a lot from the players. But it’s also part of the reason why many are interested in learning and mastering the whole game.

If you want to play, you’ll need the right tools. A complete set will serve you well. Having your own chess set will come in handy when you want to practice or you want to play a game at both a leisurely pace or in a serious competition. No one can play when they don’t have the necessary pieces. And investing in a set is essential; whether you’re a newbie or an expert in the field, a trusty set is imperative. If you’re in need of guidance on what to buy, these are the top 3 picks that experts can recommend:

  1. The DGT Revelation II

DGT, one of the leading chess manufacturing companies, offers this set where the classic piece meets technology. The classic design is integrated with a comprehensive computer system. In short, this is the most innovative set currently available.

With this, you don’t need an actual human person to play with you. You’re able to play with the most advanced computer programs for chess. And you also have the choice of facing off players from different parts of the world when you choose to connect the program to the internet.

  1. The Camaratta Signature Series Cooke Luxury Chess Set & Board Combination

Made by the world-renowned chess artist Frank Camaratta and is part of the luxury series. It’s the best choice for people who prefer antique sets. In the modern world, it’s quite difficult to a high-quality antique.

The whole set is made with precision and detailed that’s not found in other brands. As part of their custom service, you can choose your own material for the chess box.


  1. The Golden Collector Series Luxury Chess Set, Box, & Board Combination.

What stands at number one is the front liner of all House of Staunton products. More than a chess set, many are considering this a work of art with every piece being handcrafted by expert artisans.


Just like all the products coming from the chess manufacturing giant, they also applied their patented weighting technique to guarantee protection from hairline fractures despite temperature changes. Their confidence in this technique manifests from the lifetime warranty they offer their clients. If there’s a crack, you can send the entire set back.

According to experts, the crowning jewel of the entire set is the chess box that’s made from the finest English leather. Separate compartments are also available for every piece for guaranteed security and protection.

Many chess enthusiasts, players, and collectors want to get their hands on these pieces as well. A quality set can easily guarantee a quality game. For a more comprehensive list, you can visit The site provides more options for the sets. Links to the corresponding stores are also available. It’s more convenient to purchase these things.