Payment methods, with regards to gaming and entertainment, can be tricky, and many users may be apprehensive at the thought of sharing their credit card details online. They not only worry about the safety of their information, bit the hassle-free experience, something that is being worked on by many casino gaming companies, as they develop newer and more practical methods to pay for their content.

This revolution will not only come from their own original ideas, but through an observation of the more traditional services, namely, Steam and other console-based video gaming systems. Discovering, implementing, and altering their payment methods accordingly will soon heighten the user’s experience tenfold.

One of the major payment schemes right now in online gaming would have to be bitcoins: the currency of a peer-to-peer network that allows users to transfer funds from one wallet to another through mobile apps or computer programmes. The benefits of this service are its ability to transfer funds remotely, from or to anywhere in the world with no middleman holding the reigns, allowing users to control their own money in a more efficient manner. Bitcoins are also impossible to counterfeit, lessening the risk of fraud and improving internet safety. Despite all this, bitcoins still need to make the necessary jump to maturity that all currencies must do due to the payment method’s high volatility, with its value shifting rapidly as more and more businesses take up its mantle.

Using a tried-and-tested currency may be a more attractive solution, however. Royal Swipe Casino offers another method of pay, pay by phone, that not only allows you to utilise an already in-use source of payment, your mobile phone bill, but also incentivises users in an effort to strengthen the service. Charges will be made to your existing phone bill each month, meaning that you won’t have to go through another party while paying for online casino games. Your deposit paid will also be doubled, encouraging users to proliferate this service.

The PlayStation Network in Europe had a recent offer that was similar in its design, as if you spent £50 in March on the PlayStation Store, you would receive a further £10 to use at your leisure in April. Incentivising customers is a key strategy in online payment methods, as consumers will choose to use the service again if they have had a positive or fruitful experience with it in the past.


Online casino providers can learn a great deal more from their console brethren. The PlayStation Network currently allows users to pay with their debit or credit card, PayPal account or prepaid PSN wallet cards. Providing variety will give players the freedom to choose a method that suits their needs; the prepaid cards in particular are a fantastic service, and may help to placate those that are weary of internet transactions. Valve has taken similar measures with online payments, through Steam, and will refund any purchase within 14 days that has been played for less than 2 hours. This refund policy not only values the time and money of the company’s customers, but acts as a safety net for any unwise purchasing decisions. It’s entirely user-friendly and could be implemented into casino gaming in order to calm the fears of anxious players.

Studying and implementing the systems used by others will no doubt a boon for the online casino industry. The presence of multiple payments will act as a positive, and will put the mind of the user at ease when playing their favourite games online.