Free Online Games 

Your more hardcore gamers don’t have any objections shelling out for games and expensive equipment on which to play them.  However, if you prefer to play occasionally, and aren’t keen on spending lots of money on the experience, there are plenty of online options for free online, that are playable right from your browser, meaning you don’t have to download any additional software onto your PC or desktop in order to enjoy a few rounds of your favourite game. You can play free games for fun, or you can use them to your benefit and learn new skills that could see you win money down the line.

Here are a few options of great games available online for free:

  1. Doom

Doom was first created in 1993, and is credited with pioneering the game of the first- person shooter.  Thanks to shareware, the first episode of Doom is available online to play in your browser.  This classic sci-fi horror game is full of doors, corridors, secrets and demons.

The only thing to note is that the browser based version of the game does not support mouse-look so it will take you on a walk down memory lane of how clumsy shooter controls used to be.

  1. Dojo of Death

Dojo of death is a simple retro fighting game.  It’s entirely driven by use of the mouse – and players can keep hacking away at the ninjas who keep coming at you to try and take you down.  Dojo of Death just keeps going so beware of getting sucked into try and retrying or you may find yourself losing a few hours without even noticing!

  1. Pandemic 2

This free puzzle game offers a refreshing change, and moves away from your classic “save the world” type of game.  It allows you instead to create and unleash a deadly virus on the humanity, and watch as the virus spreads across a map of the world.  The trick of the game is to spread as much of your virus as possible without being detected.  As soon as the world gets a whiff of a problem, hospitals start to spring up all over the map, borders get closed, and the island of Madagascar becomes a safe haven which your virus cannot penetrate. It’s no where near as simple as real online pokies, but it’s very rewarding in other ways.

  1. WonderPutt

This game is mini golf but with a twist. The animation is super cute – with players avoiding UFO’s, leaping across lily pads, and putting across huge craters created by asteroids.  At the beginning of the game, the entire course is visible, but as you complete a hole successfully, the view shifts to reveal the course transforming into new areas.  It’s a simple game, but the graphics are super imaginative, making it all the more fun.

  1. The Very Organized Thief

In The Very Organized Thief, players find themselves in an unfamiliar house armed only with a torch, and a list of items you need to find, or as the name suggests, steal!

Both the list of items, and where the items are kept in the house are digitally generated each time you begin a new name, meaning every time you play, you will need to explore the house from scratch.

A lot of the time it’s easy to guess where the items will be as they are location specific – for example a toaster will undoubtedly be in the kitchen, however there are some more ambiguous items like a gold bar, which is slightly harder to find.

To help them find the items on the list, players can pick things up, lift lids and open drawers.