Bonuses are extra points given as a present when you pass the set limit. They are meant to increase the survival time when somebody is playing. Lack of bonuses may negate your account, shorten your playing span and greatly reduce your chances of winning.

Types of bonuses

Cashable bonuses

They are characterized by a wagering requirement. They too have pre-wager slot bonuses which can be profitable if they meet the requirements. Check for the latest bonuses offered  at all sots casino.

Sticky bonuses

They have a wagering requirement too. If the slot bonuses have a low wager requirement, then probably they can be profitable.

Clear play and free play bonuses

Clear play bonuses have no restrictions on withdrawals. The user can withdraw money at anytime. It does not matter on whether you have the required level of wagers or not. This is a form of sticky bonus with no play through and only happens when the bonus is withdrawn immediately. Sadly, most casino games use play through so that there is a withdrawal limit.

Cash back bonuses

They are meant to refund a fraction of losses experienced during the stated period of time. It is only used when the participant experiences a loss during the said time. Actually, cash back bonuses do not have any wagering requirement. Let us now look at the influence of wagering requirements on the named above bonuses Bonuses with wagering requirements. They mainly are liked to big wins. Therefore unless you struggle and get maximum wins, it can not occur. They are aimed to doubling the wins. They are estimates of what a high variance can produce.

Bonus without wagering requirements

It is calculated using estimates. The formula average gain is equal to bonus is used to find the estimated wager requirements. It mainly applies to cash back bonuses but may include the sticky and clear play bonuses Of course, gambling games are mathematically driven. As a participant, you need to be aware of calculation. Bonuses are full of assumptions so formulas have to be derived so as to assure players of their chances to win. These types of bonuses makes the participant have increased bonuses and deposits and can only incur loses on deposits alone.

Strategies Used

All blackjacks

It is only possible when two people are betting for the same highest bonus. The only problem is that they take too long to be processed thus making it difficult to cash out.

Blackjack, then slots

Begin with the two betting on blackjack and then end the game on a low house slot game. The gain has to be high in blackjack for you to be allowed to load slots.

All slots

It exposes participants to the lowest risk. At this point, you at least will be assured of a win. Bonuses are meant to encourage players to keep on with the fight with more gaming options. In fact, most slot bonuses are given as a reward and make people strive for more. This actually is the simplest way in which these gaming companies keep customers and make money too. Since it relays on unknown chances which can either lead to a win or loss, it uses estimates.