Casino can be a perfect place to make money, but it can also be expensive. With some simple steps, you can avoid breaking the bank.

How to save money in casino

Yes, even in casino, there are plenty of ways you can save your money. In fact, they might be easier than you think.

You are the key

Before proceeding to the tips, please remember that all these steps won’t work unless you control how you play. Only if you believe you can take care of that, these steps will work.


Step 1: No Alcohol

Most bettors lose their money in casino after they drank alcohol. You should’ve known the reason. So, stay away from it.

Step 2: Stick with your budget

This is important. The key to win is not to bet as much as you have, but the skill to know when to start and stop.

Step 3: Learn blackjack basic strategy

Blackjack basic strategy allows you to calculate your hourly wage. Then multiply the result by the house edge. The final result will show you your optimum hourly wage.

Step 4: Learn the best pay tables for video poker

Some casinos which won’t allow you to do blackjack strategy. Here is an alternative: video poker pay tables. Similar to blackjack strategies, this pay table can save your money.

Step 5: Don’t over tip

Yep, this is important. Remember you are not in the casino to pay tip (giving money). You are there to make some. So, only tip when necessary.

Step 6: Play with Slots club card

Slots club card usually offers more affordable betting rate if note bonus. Use this to save your money.

Step 7: Use coupon

A simple step, yet many bettors miss this. Coupons can increase your winning chance and save your money at the same time.

Step 8: Bet on Off-Peak Dates

Unless on off-peak dates, the more people in the casino, the lower the winning odds. Bet on these off-peak dates and you can surely save more.

Step 9: Reduce your playing speed

Playing in the casino is exciting, but don’t let your adrenaline control your mind. Don’t let it makes you play without strategies. Reduce your pace while building your strategies.

Step 10: Join online casino

Online casino, like M88, can be a perfect alternative. Less registration cost, but higher odds and more bonus. Plus, if you don’t like to move a lot, this might be the one you need.