Most Ridiculous Family Fortunes Answers

Based on the much loved American gameshow Family Feud, Family Fortunes was a British gameshow hosted between 1980 and 2004, before being rebranded as “All Star Family Fortunes” and relaunched in 2006. The game was a massive success, with spin offs, board games and even its own slots game! The game features two families providing answers to questions that were answered by 100 members of the public. The families take turns answering the questions, aiming to match the public’s response. Of course, this opens the show up to all kinds of ridiculous answers, so let’s take a look at some of the most insane, and a handful of the most cringe worthy

Worst End to a Game Ever

Talk about letting the team down. After his teammate completely smashed the scoreboard, this gent only had to get a measly 25 points. As it turns out, that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Food for Thought

This gentleman claims to be a bespoke carpenter for a living. Judging by the answer he gives, it’s fairly clear to see he’s definitely not a chef.

Different Strokes, Different Folks

When this innocent looking gentleman is asked a question about his bedroom activities, he gives an answer that well, neither the audience nor the host are quite expecting.

Well, Didn’t See That One Coming

This rather eye opening gaffe from celebrity presenter Brian Dowling, proves that fame doesn’t always equal success, or intelligence, apparently.

I Think We’ll Take the Stairs, Thanks.

This charming answer from former presenter and glamour model Melinda Messenger had us scratching our heads. Where did that even come from?

…You Sure?

This gem from the American Family Fued is only made funnier by host Steve Harvey’s eye-widening reaction.