A Massive Multiplayer online game is one capable of supporting multiple players on the same mission using internet connections. These gaming platforms are usually placed on the web accessible through gaming consoles, PCs, mobile phones – simply any device that can connect to the internet. These games are used for interaction, entertainment, and most importantly, they bear numerous benefits for the brain which are not known to many.

MMO Strategy games are all about creativity, gathering new resources, and competition. Although they are a bit more divergent, these should give you the basic idea.

The simulations play a huge role

Most of these games are designed to simulate nearly all aspects of real life. They focus more on environments/industries/activities that will give the brain a total workout. The idea is to take a “multitude” through certain experiences and missions they would be hesitant to embark on in real life. They mostly involve racing, combat, music, and other sports.

How MMO strategy games help your brain

  • Slowing the mental aging process

Brain development comes to near-halt at a very early age. As you get older, your brain tends to shy away from stimulating activities. This causes the brain to deteriorate. Funnily enough, this is the reason why older people shy away from online gaming. Engaging in brain stimulating activities is the only shot at keeping it active.

  • Stress relief

You wouldn’t have stress if you do not have a brain. MMO games’ competitive environment helps you forget about any life troubles, especially when they are just fresh. Competition gives you a great sense of purpose and belonging – simply, something to wake up for early in the morning. Finding other people with similar interests to yours daily can be very rewarding.

  • Prepares your brain for the job market

Today’s jobs mostly involve sitting in front of a screen where making quick decisions make you the best player in the market. Competing with the best in arcade games means that your brain will find typical stock decisions to be a piece of cake.

Arcade games will also teach you resource management and problem-solving. This is because they involve the gathering of all resources necessary for building an empire. They will sharpen your prioritization skills especially when you are under pressure.

  • Knowledge from all parts of the world

Your brain is always on a quest for knowledge involuntarily.  With arcade games, you will be able to compete with players from all over the world. This way, you will learn new ways of looking at things from them.

  • Brain exercise

Just like with any other body muscle, your brain also needs to be worked out for it to remain healthy.

  • Preventing brain boredom

Online poker or chess is a perfect example of this. Finding someone who enjoys the game equally when at home will be very hard. That’s where MMOs come in, there’s always someone waiting in line to play with you. Competing regularly keeps your mind sharp and ready to solve daily challenges.