Indian rummy is a very popular card game in India. The objective of the game is to form groups called sets and sequences using an odd number of 13 cards. Especially in cash rummy, the game becomes interesting and challenging right from the beginning itself. In fact, jokers (both printed and wildcard) help you to form sets and sequences by filling in for the cards and help you meld soon. In most of the cases, players find it highly impossible to play the game without the availability of jokers.

But, have you ever thought or tried to play cash rummy without jokers? Sounds unthinkable, right! Your rummy skills are put to thetrue test only when you play without jokers. Count on these 4 important tips that help you play cool without joker(s) in 13 card rummy games.

  1. Arrange the cards

One of the important tips of rummy online cash is to keep arranging and re-arranging the cards. You may arrange either in ascending or descending value of the cards. Also, you may arrange by suit or by alternating the colours of black and red cards. The action will basically help you to figure out the missing out cards required to meld your sequences and sets. This will, in turn, help you to keep a watchful eye on the cards discarded by your opponents.


  1. Calculate the points

In Indian rummy, each card holds a specific value. For e.g. all face cards like King, Queen, Jack and Ace hold 10 points each irrespective of their suits; all number cards hold the same value as the number on those cards. If you are dealt a bad hand initially without any jokers, then it is best advised to calculate your points and decide if you need to continue or drop. Keep calculating your points throughout the game to check the odds against you and decide if you need to continue or drop.


  1. Drop or continue

The drop is a very good strategy at times. If you start with a bad hand and you are unable to meld valid sets and sequences, you may decide to go for an initial drop.AT this juncture, you will lose only 20 points. However, if you are able to make an initial breakthrough but get stuck midway, you may decide to go for a middle drop. Here, you will lose by 40 points only. When the cards are unfavourable with least scope of a successful meld, then drop should be your choice.


  1. Watch the open and closed deck

The non-availability of jokers should not be a deterrent in your games. In fact, a close watch of your opponent’s game tells you the cards being picked or discarded to the open deck and gives you a fair hint about the possible sequence and sets him/her may be aiming for. Pick up this cue to play rummy for cash cautiously and adorn utmost vigilance while your pick or discard any of your cards.

Play your cards right

Rummy is a game of skill, and how well you exhibit your skills while playing without jokers proves your expertise. So, play prudently and be successful in the game.