Globally, casino game players come from all walks of life, and are each individually different. There is no thought that they all must fit into the same personality type just because they all like to play casino games for money. In fact the opposite is true, and all players have different types of personalities that directly influence their choice of casino game.

While some players are drawn to the right type of casino game, some may be playing ill suited games simply because they don’t know any better. Since real money is involved, perhaps playing the right casino game for your personality is one factor that can increase your odds of winning!

Casino Games for Introverted Personality Types

Introverted personality types are shy, quiet, reserved and prefer not to have to socialize. If you fit into this personality type then you probably prefer to play casino games such as bonus slots or video poker, or mini baccarat or roulette if you wish to try out a table game.

These types of games are played individually and at the player’s own pace. Slots and video poker do not require you to be pitted against other players in any way, so you never have to worry about having to chat to others, messing up their game by taking it slow, or feeling self-conscious in any way.

h3>Casino Games for Extroverted Personality Types

Extroverted personality types are assertive, outgoing and tend to be bold. If this is you then you will probably be drawn to playing craps. Craps is a very social game with lots of action amongst crowds. It is a game where you have all the control and even though it is a game of chance there are strategic ways to bet that can possibly increase your odds of winning.

Casino Games for Risk Takers

As a risk taker you are more than likely drawn to the unknown where not a lot of skill is required to bet. Bingo, lotteries, slots, scratchcards and keno are the best games for these personality types.

Casino Games for Analytical Personality Types

If you like to analyse then you won’t be doing much risk taking. You will strategically bet in the hopes of winning big, but you will consider all things needed to increase your winning chances. Blackjack and video poker are both popular casino games that require a good strategy to be applied in order to increase your winning chances.

Casino Games for Competitive Personality Types

As a competitive personality type you will find poker to be the most suitable casino game. This is because of its highly competitive nature and the fact that you play against other players. Both regular poker games and poker tournaments are suitable for those who enjoy healthy competition.

Casino Games for Extravagant Personality Types

An extravagant personality is typically someone who has a lot of money, who is flamboyant in their spending and likes to show off.

Sophisticated casino games like roulette and craps are the most ideal for this type of player. These casino games are often associated with high rollers who like to bet big and win big, and have big personalities to match!