After a couple of years in the sports betting industry, you begin to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to get a bigger picture.

After seeing the bigger picture, you begin to look at the online sports betting industry from a different perspective.

The truth is that about 98% of online bettors are continuously losing cash with online sports betting, so this clarifies why bookmakers are so generous with their sign-up bonuses of up to $500 just to attract new clients. Bookmakers are not very successful because they are smarter than bettors but because they’re utilizing quality betting tools that assist them in making informed decisions.

Even more recently, bettors are creating bet forums – where they unite together and share sporting betting information from different parts of the world, with these discussions, bettors should be making enough money to screw their bookies, but unfortunately, average bettors are still losing their cash every passing day.

There is need for you to understand your rival and even more importantly, what he uses to defeat you constantly.

However, if you have access to some betting tools and information that bookmakers have, then you can easily beat your bookie unexpectedly. How about we take a quick look at just a fraction of the tools in the arsenal of online bookies?

“Where Is The Money” Tool

This is one secret that no online bookmaker will ever reveal to you. But luckily, average bettors can have an indirect method of predicting on what the wise gurus with access to valuable information, are staking. This extraordinary tool can be found in Betfair.

For newbies who don’t know what a Betfair is, let me simply say that it’s the biggest online exchange where punters bet against each other. Betfair features all bettors and only collect a fee from bettors that won real money.

The biggest benefit for bettors using Betfair is that their constant winnings do not limit them. On the contrary, the more games you win and pay Betfair fee, the more the Betfair points you receive. And at different levels of points, bettors get 2% to 5% fee reduction. If you’re not familiar with the process, I recommend you read Betfair guide for beginners.

When you visit Betfair, you can find which events have the biggest amount of money, matched and unmatched for any game they offer to trade.

Professional punters are welcomed. They bet enormously, and games are never removed – regardless of the possibility that it may be rumored to be fixed. So expect to see over a million dollars wager on a team that you have never heard before.

Odds Comparison Tool

Online bookmakers are united in syndicates where every bookie in such union receive odds from other bookies in the group.

With this strategy, they compare if there are differences in the odds that they have and also share information on why there is a drop in the odds. For instance, if you can access the European and Asian odds comparison services, you would notice that they have almost the same online sports betting lines and odds.

But an average bettor can’t access the odds comparison service because of its high monthly fee. The monthly price for the odd comparison used by bookies, ranges from 200 euros to 500 euros or higher. Apparently, it’s too much for an average bettor.

However, fortunately for them, there are some free odds comparison websites that monitor few bookmakers, and they also show odd drops with up to 10 minutes delays. Now you can also get an incredible free betting tool that can spare you the time in looking for the bookie with the best odd on the event you want to bet.